The Beautiful Sleep Set

Ive been dying to shoot this little sleep set from Beautiful Bottoms, but wanted to wait until I had a backdrop that could do it justice.

Beautiful Bottoms Set: 

So we arrived in a Turkey to a pretty awesome room. Huge king sized bed, white walls and a minimalist look that I was looking for. Just total relaxation away from anything fussy. We're staying at the Baia Hotel near Bodrum and we've been pretty blown away with everything so far. But I remembered to bring this stunning sleeping set with me for the journey as a lightweight and stunning nightwear piece. In the cobalt kaleidoscope print, the blues just look beautiful and it just makes me feel so feminine and sexy. I love it. I'm also pretty happy I'm writing this from a jetty overlooking the most amazing bay. I hope you're all having an awesome Sunday!

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The Lattice Crop

I think if a tailor had come over and fitted this to my body shape, it still wouldn't have been as nice a fit as this crop.

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The Shirt Dress

Why I haven't invested in a biker jacket before, I have no idea!

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The Night Out for Pizza

I'd be lying if I said me and my bf don't eat out most nights, but honestly, I don't eat Pizza that often, promise. But this is what I wore for a recent date night.

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The Pineapple Halterneck

I dont remember the last time I wore a halterneck. This totally took me back to the 90's.
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