Cleansing and Polishing: Skincare at its Best

Following a few other skincare favourites posts recently, I felt it was only right to shout out some more products that I have been keeping locked away in my bathroom for my routine. When it comes to taking photos, they therefore become forgotten about, so I picked them all up and brought them into the sunshine for a little chat.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst
Clarisonic Mia
FaceB4 Daily Cleansing Foam Wash
FaceB4 After Cleansing Serum
The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter
The Body Shop 3 in 1 Honey and Oat Scrub Mask

The Clean and Clear scrub wash is the first of this brand I've tried as Ive never really suffered from acne or spots, but on holiday in America, I needed something refreshing and exfoliating for my skin as it was going through a pretty bad time. This really refreshes the skin and makes you feel as though you've really given it a good clean. Definitely energising for the morning.

Along those lines is the FaceB4 cleansing foam wash. I reviewed this on my blog back in the very very early days and I still love it now. It lathers into the skin almost like a light mousse and you really feel as though you are giving your skin a good clean. This particular wash prides itself on being revolutionary in combining a cleanser and toner in one product to be the UKs most effective anti-bacterial wash. I cant vouch for that fact, but I do know my skin really likes this product. And after usage, I follow up with the FaceB4 serum, that aims to soothe and rejuvenate the skin to back up the work just done by the face wash. In honesty, I don't use this as much as the facial wash, as I'm just pretty lazy, but the two together are a perfect pairing and definitely help if youre having a breakout.

The Body Shop cleansing butter is fabulous and I can't tell you how much I love this. I have been using it to take off my waterproof mascara actually, and it does a pretty awesome job, without me realising that it isn't actually for waterproof products. Well, hey, its been working for me. I love the idea of using a cleanser in a tub, where I can just rub my cotton pad over the top to pick up the product, before wiping it away from my face. I love love love this.

And also from the Body Shop is the 3 in 1 scrub mask. A lovely oaty consistency that you can slap onto your skin, leave for 15 minutes, then use a cloth or your hands to remove, leaving your skin feeling smooth, soft and plumper. This is the only mask I've been using recently and I really like how natural it feels when your wiping a tub of oats on your face!

And finally, the Clarisonic. I reviewed this a few months back, but after a few months of more trying, I must say I really do like this bad boy. I just add a squeeze of some cleansing product onto the brush, run it under the tap and then press the brush lightly onto my skin, moving it in small circular motions. The sonar vibrations are so subtle but you know they're working the makeup off your skin, and there is no better feeling than using this on washed skin and seeing another layer of foundation come off the top layer of skin. Yes, partially gross, but also very true. This just helps us get to the down and dirty and I personally love it!

Any thoughts on these products guys? Anyone tried FaceB4 and loved it too?

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A Fresh Start

And here we are. You're looking at the new and ridiculously improved Inthefrow. It has taken months of development and a very patient developer to get to this stage and I could not be any more thrilled.

When I started my blogging journey back in October 2012, I had no idea that it would lead me to where I am right now. Not physically sat on my bed with a jar of peanut butter, but rather, into a whirlwind of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products and experiences that I could have only dreamed of. At this stage, with nearly 9000 of you following me on Bloglovin, a few thousand of you elsewhere and thousands of you on my social media channels, I felt that I needed to kick things up a notch and deliver an experience, rather than just a page filled with writing. I realise that substance is more important than beauty, but there is nothing better than reading a blog that looks the part. So here it is, Inthefrow take 2. Designed with loving care by pipdig, with extreme patience, flair and creativity and I could not be any more grateful for their time. If you're a blogger with thousands of followers, or a blogger just starting out, pipdig can take your blog to a whole new level that you may not have even dreamed of.

And seeing as I have just written a PhD thesis on mobile app design, I definitely had to make it responsive. So, no more non-useable mobile websites for me. I've gone all responsive and shiny on y'all. Take a peek, just reduce the size of your browser window to the size of an iPhone... Cool, yes?!

This is the start of a brand new journey and I could not be more excited. Thankyou pipdig. And thank you all for sticking around!

So, whatdya think?!

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