The Cult Beauties: Alpha H, Jouer and Living Proof

A few of those products you have probably thought about buying, but haven't gotten round to picking up yet. Well here is my verdict...
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The 3 Day Detox and Cutting Cravings

Health and fitness is something I dabble in now and again. But a way to detox your whole body, this was something I was intrigued to try...

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The Boost of Vitamin C for the Winter

The sun is making its way underneath the autumn clouds and winter is around the corner, so our skin is crying out for a boost..

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inthefrowintheusa: Bryce to San Fran

Okay, I know, this has been a LONG time coming. In honesty, I've been forgetting to share my America vlogs with you from my Youtube channel, so here is a little (huge) recap..
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The Extended Varsity Jacket

Another work outfit, blending monochromes with a touch of pastel. Whilst I feel this jacket shouldn't have matched, I absolutely loved the combination..

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