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Four Reasons
to Love

The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i
designed on the Intel® Evo™ platform 

AD - in Collaboration with Intel® Evo™ 

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The Specifications; 

  • - The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is a 2 in 1 laptop designed on the Intel® Evo™ platform. Dual OLED touchscreens complete with a Folio Stand and Magnetic Keyboard mean complete flexibility from the 360 degree hinge. 
  • - Creativity abounds with the inclusion of the Lenovo Digital Pen 3, a precise stylus that means illustrating and handwriting are completed with ease when utilising your favourite apps. 
  • - Bowers & Wilkins Speakers complete with Dolby Atmos are the perfect partner to 2.8k touchscreens and a full HD Web Camera. A trio that makes using the Lenovo Yoga Book the smoothest experience imaginable. 
  • - There's power behind the beauty of the OLED touchscreens with edge to edge display; with a 13th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics there's always space for one more tab. 
  • - The use of facial recognition via Windows Hello and an electronic privacy shutter for the full HD Web Camera means any experience is safe and secure. 
  • The Lenovo Yoga Book has 3 x USB C Ports to ensure whatever accessories you need and want to use, you can set up your unique work station with ease. 
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Of course it's easy with such an innovate setup, to list all the reasons why both technologically and aesthetically this Intel® Evo™ laptop should be your next laptop but how does it really fit into your everyday?
And how does this multi-tasking focused laptop perform in the real world? 



If you're someone who lives their working life in front of a computer screen then it stands to reason you need to ensure that screen is a beautifully presented one. The Lenovo Yoga Book designed on the Intel® Evo™ platform is not just a laptop with the power to ensure your working day runs smoothly and efficiently, it's a laptop that allows you to create the perfect workstation for you. 

The edge to edge OLED screens featuring 60hz refresh rate are of course immaculately presented and with their 360 degree hinge, the flexibility to adapt to any work environment is at your literal fingertips. Use the touchscreens side by side to multitask, back to back like a tablet, with the bluetooth keyboard as a desktop setup - adapt your setup uniquely to ensure you can seamlessly use all the apps you utilise. 

Whether you're a creator, a personal assistant, a student or have any number of job roles, this Intel® Evo™ laptop is the perfect partner to so many apps. Use Whatsapp, WordPress, Paypal, Zoom, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Adobe Creative Cloud and all of your favourite social platform apps all at once across both touchscreens, in whichever layout benefits you the most. 

Not only does it have the power to run numerous apps simultaneously with a long lasting battery life, the new Intel Unison software solution enables you to focus productively on just one screen. Intel Unison seamlessly allows the transfer of files and images, as well as allowing you to take calls and messages, with cross phone and laptop interaction on both Android and IOS. 


Work just became a lot more synchronised. 


Just as this Intel® Evo™ laptop makes working anywhere and anytime a piece of cake, so to does it allow you to play just as hard. The 13th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics mean your hobbies and your down time come to life with a beautiful spark. 

Ever wanted to quickly transfer your phone imagery to your laptop at the touch of a button? Intel® Unison™ makes that transfer a speedy reality, delivering your captures to your Intel® Evo™ laptop ready for editing and sharing in an instant. Transfer them from any Android or IOS phone to your chosen creative app and then over to your Social Media apps to share your hobbies, creativity and love of play with your following. 

Multitasking doesn't always have to mean enhancing your work performance, it can mean ensuring you have the power to dedicate just as much time to your post work tasking too. Intel® Unison™  doesn't just ensure the swift transfer between your phone and laptop, it also allows you to dedicate yourself easily to just one screen - finishing your work on time with less interruption and allowing play to start on time too. 


Play just became a lot easier to indulge in. 



There's so much travel involved in our everyday routines that the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i created on the Intel® Evo™ platform can easily become your new best friend. Whether that travel is commuting to the office, flying across the Atlantic or hopping on a train, the thin and lightweight design makes travel effortless. Weighing only 1.38kg for both dual touchscreens and measuring just under 16mm in tablet mode, it's hard to imagine there's so much power in such a portable piece of technology. 

It doesn't matter what type of travel you most commonly undertake, the flexibility of the dual touchscreens that make it so unique, means you can adapt to any space you're in. Use the touchscreens in tent mode to take up less space but still use multiple apps such as Spotify and a media player while flying, or put the edge to edge touchscreens into table mode. You'll still have the ability to align multiple apps in a custom format but you'll fit easily into less roomy spaces. 

The fast charging and long lasting battery, also means that if you're travelling and don't have immediate access to an outlet, there's no need to worry. Even if you're using multiple apps and working consistently, the fully charged Intel® Evo™ laptop will keep you company as long as you need. 


Travel just became a lot more productive. 


And finally what better way to put the OLED 2.8k Dual Touchscreens, the Integrated Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics and the 4 x Bowers & Wilkins speakers to the test, than by chilling out with a movie. The innovations that make up the uniqueness of the 2 in 1 laptop, partnered with the power of the 13th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, ensure a no lag entertainment experience like no other. 

The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i created on the Intel® Evo™ platform allows you to fully immerse yourself into the beauty and creativity of anything you choose to watch. Not only has every aspect of a Intel® Evo™ laptop been tested in multiple real world situations such as no access to charging outlets and having the touchscreens on full brightness, the high definition resolution means vivid colours, crisp imagery and detail that does your favourite movies & soundtracks complete, beautiful justice. 

No matter how you're planning to chill, being able to adapt it into whichever format suits you the most means you aren't restricted on what chilling looks like for you. Use the Folio Stand to go comfortably hands free or watch on one screen and multi task with other apps such as Whatsapp and Instagram too. 


Chill just became a lot more accessible. 

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i
designed on the Intel® Evo™ platform. *

* All the above information and specifications given are correct at the time of publishing. 

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