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Why I Love
Repeating Outfits

I'm not a minimalist. I'm not sure I'd ever have it in me to be, but as time goes on I definitely find myself making more positive and more sustainable decisions. Decisions that are steps in the right direction as I learn more about who I want to be and more about who I'd like to be. 

Exploring new brands, discovering more about materials, appreciating the processes and probably most importantly, loving the items I already own. 

Let's face it, the majority of us, no matter where and how we purchase, bring pieces into our wardrobes because we simply love them. We fall in love with the colour, we are head over heels for the trend, we adore the statement a certain piece makes, we love how they make us feel - that's so many ways to bring joy into our personal style.

As someone who falls a little bit in love with fashion more and more each day, and especially so with the items I buy or am lucky enough to be gifted/loaned through brands I work with, wanting to repeat the same item or even the whole outfit might be frowned up by some. In reality though, it's probably the top reason any item is added to my closet - because I can't wait to wear it over and over!

So here's why repeating outfits and pieces is the key to finding your personal style, no matter what social media might present.

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My first thoughts when I fall in love with an item of clothing are the exact same thoughts I have when it comes to wearing that piece for the 10th, 25th or 100th time - I'm so excited to wear it! Of course there are some exceptions, like my beautiful wedding dresses as I don't feel I'd be able to get away wth a corseted gown on my next trip to Asda or Tesco, but for the majority of pieces, the more I love it the more I wear it. When I truly love a classic pair of jeans, a new winter jacket, some sentimental heels or a cosy knit, I want to wear them all the time. As the years have gone on and as we see celebrities and social media personalities advocate and show one wear and done items, I feel it's taken the shine away from the excitement of our own wardrobes. The classic pieces, the hand me downs, the memory filled looks and the new in loves - wanting to wear something all the time is not only normal but it's a sign that you made the right choice in purchasing an item of clothing. I want to wear this leather jacket every day for the next week, so I will! 

When I think about my personal style and the pieces in my wardrobe that are so 'me' it comes down to the items I wear often and style often. It's the pieces that I wear 5 times a week, the looks I style through multiple seasons and the clothing that brings me small moments of joy, even during a bad day. It's the looks that I repeat, that are the looks that I love, that are the looks that define my personal style. Repeating outfits is a way of expressing, defining and having fun with who you are. Wear whatever makes you feel your best!

We often talk about getting our cost per wear down when we buy an item, but the truth is we don't need to actively work to get the cost per wear down, if we already enjoy wearing that piece of clothing. The process comes naturally to clothing that's versatile, classic and 'you' - no matter the original price of the item.

If I buy a new handbag from Chanel, Strathberry or All Saints, you'll see me wear it non stop and you'll see me rediscover my excitement for it, again and again, over multiple seasons. It doesn't matter to me if someone thinks that outfit repeating is not the 'done thing', what matters to me is enjoying the items I've indulged and invested in and if I no longer enjoy them? Then a friend gets to re-home them and give them a new lease of life wrapped up in their personal style instead. 

I feel like my tag line for anything fashion related should be 'if it brings joy into your wardrobe then wear it'. It's currently my favourite time of year when I rediscover all of the cosy clothing I spent my last autumn and winter wrapped up tight in and that I'll wrap myself up tight in again. I'm going to carry on wearing those Stella McCartney faux leather trousers because I feel killer in them. I'm going to restyle all of my favourite roll neck knits from last year that might not be available to buy because I love the way they make me feel. I'm going to repeat outfits for Instagram, dog walks, zoom calls and movie nights because that's real life. I'm going to embrace my personal style by enjoying the things I already own just as much as the new pieces that I might add to my wardrobe. 

So my fashion advice - if you want it that is! Wear that blazer you feel amazing in for work again tomorrow, throw on that cardigan you lusted after for months every night this week, style that pair of boots from last year non stop this season and discover more about your personal style in the process. Fashion is full of fun and joy and expression - repeating outfits will only enhance that experience I promise you!


I'd absolutely love to know your thoughts on outfit repeating and if you feel that social media has an impact on how we view seeing the same pieces again and again? I'd especially love to know if you feel like outfit/piece repeating is how you discovered or melded your personal style too? Oh and if you'd like a blog post on how to extend the life of your maybe your knitwear and denim (just as an example) maybe drop me a comment too!

Images taken on a visit to The Patch in Milton Keynes. 
The jewellery featured is part of my own brand collaboration with Edge of Ember. (ad)
The jacket/knit featured are part of my own brand edit with Holland Cooper. (ad) 
The bag featured was purchased second hand from Luxury Promise.

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