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The Accessories You Need
This Autumn

Although I love everything about fashion month shows and find myself swooning over so many of the pieces from my favourite brands, it's quite often the accessories that really truly steal my heart and find their way post haste into my shopping bag.

The shoes, the sunglasses, the scarves, the belts, the handbags - it's all those versatile pieces that finish off your chosen look and make your outfit shine. Those are the ones that really appeal to me the most when I see them on the runway. 

Accessorising has always been the most exciting part of creating any look for me. Quite often you know exactly what look you're going for, no matter if the occasion is a dinner date, a night out with friends or even a job interview but it's the accessories that seal the deal. 

So here are the accessory trends for 2020 that I'm absolutely adoring and you might already have spotted me raving about here on the blog this season!

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Quilted Bags

You currently can't turn any which way without seeing a quilted bag and I for one am so happy about it. I love accessories that not only look amazing but feel tactile and luxurious to style too. Some of the all time favourite pieces in my collection are the ones that I simply love to reach for because wearing and styling them is such a beautiful experience. Top handle, cross body, clutch or even a statement backpack, it's the quilting trend that matters in whichever style you'd prefer!

Pendant Necklaces

The majority of the pieces in my jewellery collection follow a certain theme - classic hoops, statement rings, chunky bracelets and pendant necklaces. What does that remind you of I hear you say? Why my recent collection with Edge of Ember of course! All jokes aside though. the creative behind the collection was based on the styles and pieces I personally love to wear and so the trend for pendant necklaces this autumn is timed perfectly with the Cosmos Collection. Forgive my self promotion but I'm so proud!

Fedora Hats

Even in only my thirties, I'm already experiencing the excitement of rediscovering trends that I've already loved before. First it was chokers, then it was chunky trainers and now Fedora style hats are back and I'm converted! I went through a phase in the early years of Inthefrow were Fedora hats were a staple in my fashion week outfits (along with my purple hair of course) and after my recent Holland Cooper edit I'm loving the look once again. 

Smokey Sunglasses

If the trend for teeny tiny sunglasses isn't quite a trend you want to invest in (I'm not sure if they suit my face shape...?) then maybe smokey sunglasses are the one for you! It doesn't matter the shape, size or type you'd prefer, it's the lense that makes the statement. That 70's esque smoked out lense that allows you to still showcase your favourite eye makeup but equally hideaway those under eye bags if you've had a late night. And just because it's autumn/winter doesn't mean you don't need to protect your eye area from sun damage!

Face Masks

And yes you guessed it - the must have accessory of the season is of course the face mask. Trendy or simple it's most definitely the way to keep yourself, your loved ones and every person you may come into contact with for the foreseeable future healthy. And if you are looking for some sustainable and charitable options to add to your growing collection, you can head here for 5 amazing styles or if you want to accessorize the ones you already own, then there are some amazing face mask chains on Etsy here! (ad)

I'd love to know if you've indulged in any accessory trends this season or if you've added any trend pieces onto your early Christmas list perhaps? If you're looking for anymore trend and fashion posts then the below might be right up your alley too:

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