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The Power of

Do you ever feel that we're connected in ways that we could never explain? In ways that bring us together and in ways that attract certain things into our lives? I most definitely do.

I believe that although we lament and sign songs about the power of how opposites attract, we more so discover our soul mates through the things we have in common. The frequencies we vibrate at, the personalities we thrive on and the goals we set ourselves. 

And that brings me to the power of being positive and experimenting with a positive mindset!

I've always thought of myself as a positive person, very often striving to bring a smile to others faces as well as my own. I've also always believed in the power of positivity but even more so recently I've found myself exploring it further and in every aspect of my life, with results that have only brought positivity abound.

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So let me explain... 

Did you catch this weeks vlog? I briefly spoke about the fact that I've always been a believer that we're friends with the people who essentially mirror us. I'm someone who feels like we all have a certain frequency that we essentially live at. It's hard to put into words and it's certainly not something incredibly deep but I do believe that we attract the people who we are most akin to. I feel like we all have personalities that vibrate at certain frequencies - for me I feel like it's a high one. When I meet other people who vibrate at the same frequency, always happy, open arms, always on - I feel like I thrive on their positivity and the light they emit. Is that just me? I know I always describe my cup as half full (never half empty) and then it certainly overflows whenever I spend that time with people who also seek all things positivity. 

Recently I've discovered a new found respect for those who practice the power of positivity in all aspects of their lives. Whether you'd describe it as manifestation or simply happiness - I've found the more I embrace it, the more I seek it, the more it appears to me. I know that whatever mindset you're in can't always be easily changed on a whim (if only life was that simple eh?) but I know that when I'm able to manifest a little light for myself, it most certainly attracts more. I think it's true to say that no matter what you're looking for, positive or negative, you can always seem to find it, so for me when I'm strong enough and able to choose the power of positivity, I do just that. Perhaps there's something more to it and there are just certain aspects of mindfulness, manifestation and more I haven't yet explored but I'd love to know if you feel the same? Do you feel like you attract what you wish for? Do you feel like the people you love are mirrors of you too? 

So in the spirit of positivity and the power I'm starting to feel like it can bring, I've started to really be mindful if I have the ability to. I know when I look back on the days and weeks I chose to embrace positivity and time with similar minds, those are the ones I feel I achieved the most. The ones that feel like steps towards my goals, closer to the things I'd like to manifest in my life. Do you practice the power of positivity? or do you believe in manifestation? I'd love to know below if you have any tips or if you have any experiences to share? I really want to continue on this journey and hopefully next year or even this year, I'll be able to look back on my list of goals and have positively influenced a few of them to appear! 

A huge thank you to the wonderful team at Bentley for loaning me this beautiful Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible in Alpine green for my birthday weekend. It was such a dream to drive and it made my weekend oh so special. 

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