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The Season of
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There's something about this festive season that has me feeling so excited. I'm well aware it's only early/mid November and Halloween and Bonfire night have only just been celebrated, but more than ever before I can't wait for what this season will hold. 

I'm always a big Christmas lover anyway, excited to gift friends and family, spend time with people I love, make the Christmas journeys fueled by retro soundtracks and make the most of quality time away from work when the time comes, but this year I feel like I want all of that and so much more. 

I've seen quite a few people decorating early just like we've started to do, a lot of people sharing their foodie plans already, Christmas shopping being organised sooner than usual and even more people planning for festive events that we weren't lucky enough to experience last year.

All in all it very much feels like the season of more in every way.

More joy, more love, more time - more everything! 

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I feel like it took me a while here to write down how I really feel about the festivities I'm hoping to be a part of this season. The word more could so easily be interpreted as ostentatious, over the top, extravagant but more for me truly feels much different this year. It doesn't feel like the need to spend lots of money or to lavishly throw parties but more so it feels like the need to make up for the time we've all missed out on together since last year. I know that'll look unique for everyone, just as the festive season looks different for us all usually anyway, but I do feel that we're all searching for more this year, in whatever way that fills our cups. It might mean more effort than we would normally put in, it might mean more travel than we usually encounter, it might even mean more time on our own for some of us, but however it looks, I feel like more might be the perfect word for all of our wishes this season. 

Personally, more encompasses everything I feel that our loved ones have missed out on this year, last year and all the celebrations we didn't have the opportunity to spend together. In just a week we'll be heading to Chicago to see my best friend, her husband and their extended family after almost 2 years apart and it makes my heart burst to think of that first hug at the airport. That's what more means to me. More time spent with my soul mates and the people that have a piece of my heart no matter how much we've missed out on. I can see how my priorities have been changed recently and I can easily see that in so many of my loved ones, it's the cliché of harder times making you realise what's truly meaningful and important to you.

I know I know, how sappy of me and how emotional but if this last year has taught me anything from the experiences I'll maybe one day share with you all, it's that you'll never regret saying I love you more. Say I love you more, hug the people you care about more and celebrate every little thing more - that's the way to embrace what more means to me. I hope you all get the more you're looking for this Christmas, whether you celebrate the occasion in a big way, intimately or maybe not at all. I just hope you find your more x

Images shot in the Galleria in Milan while staying at the Galleria vik Milano hotel. Highly recommend a stay if you want to be really central to all things as the hotel is actually inside the Galleria - so unique! Not a press stay, just love the hotel and often choose to stay there when we travel. 

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