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I think a lot of us remember the first fragrances we bought for ourselves and the memories those scents evoke. The perfumes we wore on our first dates, the scents that were part of our everyday teenage routines and the fragrances that still find themselves on our dressing tables, so many years later.

For me, a lot of the scents that go along with so many milestones in my life come from Viktor&Rolf and their well known catalogue. Flowerbomb, BonBon, even the smell of Alex's favourite Spicebomb that I've so often 'borrowed' from his dresser.

About 12 years ago I treated myself to my first ever bottle of Flowerbomb. Enticed by something new and something to stand out on my local perfume counter, it kickstarted my love of deeper, richer scents. A new love of multi faceted scents that signalled a more grown up era of perfumes for me - layered, luxurious and sensual. 

Now it's 2019 and my memories of the fragrances sit alongside the pleasure of having worked with the brand on the launch of the new Flowerbomb at Midnight - the newest reincarnation of the OG eau du parfum, 14 years on.

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Notes: Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose, Vanilla

The original Flowerbomb fragrance released in 2005, was my first step into more 'grown up' perfumes. Yes I'd been gifted scents for birthdays and Christmas previously but it was the first time as a teenager I'd spent time deciding which perfume would be 'my' scent. It was a natural progression from previous fragrances that were both fruity and floral, to Flowerbomb with its bright floral notes but with the added depth of sweet vanilla, something I had never worn before. The Eau du Parfum is still a top 3 favourite of mine that you'll always find on my dressing table and one that I'm still gifted on Christmas day as a tradition from family. The one scent Alex associates the most with me, I'm sure of it. 

Also available: Bloom, Nectar, Extreme, Midnight, La Vie en Rose.


Notes: Bergamot, Peony, Patchouli, White Musk

The latest incarnation of the OG Flowerbomb and the newest fragrance you'll find in my heavy rotation. I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to use these images I created for the campaign, so the bottle you see me holding here is the gorgeous dark glass of Flowerbomb Midnight. The scent is still floral as all the Flowerbombs are but this newest addition is a much more sensual experience. With it's notes of white mush, blackcurrant and praline I find the scent develops after you first spray it. The floral top notes give way to the much more sweet scents and leaves you with a fruity but silky scent. For some this would be an evening only scent but I adore it's rich layers for everyday right now.

Also available: Flowerbomb, Nectar, Extreme, Bloom, La Vie en Rose.


Notes: Caramel, Citrus, Sandalwood, Amber

Bonbon signified a truly different scent for Viktor&Rolf when it was released in 2014 and I've even gone on to buy it for friends who I know love more rich, sweet scents over bright florals. Flowerbomb will always win out for me but BonBon has a wonderful mix of notes that I would go as far as to say is unique - hard to achieve with perfumes. It's super sweet caramel notes matched with orange, peach and mandarin are hard to put into words but to me the fruity citrus top notes dissipate to leave a warm woody scent on the skin, that lasts all day. A youthful, sweet yet deep fragrance for those that love something truly sweet. 

Also available: Couture, Extreme.


Notes: Tobacco, Cinnamon, Saffron, Pink Pepper

It doesn't matter if a fragrance is marketed as for women, men or unisex - I'll grab testers from all counters to give them a try and I sometimes find a more masculine fragrance actually lasts longer on my skin, as well as satisfying my love for rich and often spicy fragrances. Full disclosure, this is one of Alex's favourite scents and I don't actually own my own bottle, I just take Fiancé liberties and hijack Alex's stash whenever I want to wear something sexier. Spicebomb is a much heavier fragrance than the majority of scents in our apartment but adding a spray or 2 of one of Alex's Eau du Toilettes is something I love to do, especially one with woody notes and tobacco. 2 things I look for in masculine fragrances. 

Also available: Night Vision, Extreme, Fraiche.


Although this post isn't sponsored these images were proudly captured as part of the Viktor&Rolf At Midnight campaign I shot for Instagram.

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