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I've had a few days off... and that only means one thing. Inspiration is at a high, motivation is brimming and Im raring to go again, already. I only need two days off in a row to get me geared up for whats next. That's why I was excited to lay out my vision board. I create one of these at the start of every year, and it helps me to aesthetically focus on what I hope to achieve for the year ahead. Don't see these as quick resolutions; more as goals to aim towards throughout the year. If you don't succeed in this year, add them to your board the following year. You don't fail - you just keep on manifesting. But here's how I like to create my vision board, if you'd like to make one too. 


Whilst I want to keep a number of the contents and meanings of my board personal to me - every image on my board has an emotion or a goal for me to aim toward. You should ensure that every image gives you a feeling when you see it. It might relate to the person you feel like when you look at it, or perhaps its the way it makes you feel inside. But all images need to be something you're wanting to manifest into your life for the following year.


  • a vacation spot that is on your travel list
  • a health or fitness goal
  • a career goal
  • a purchase you're desperate to make one day
  • an interior style you hope to utilise
  • a huge plan for your future
  • a motto you hope to live by
  • a clothing style you want to emulate
find your imagery

This is the fun part. I can spend hours scrolling on Pinterest for the things I love. The best way to use Pinterest is to download the app onto your phone, create an account and just start searching for imagery and pinning them to new boards.

'Birkin black bag' - 'New York apartment interiors' - 'black outfit ideas' - these are just some of my recently searched. Then, find an image that you like - and I mean really really like, not just that you just think it's pretty. I find that the image needs to really resonate with you and give you a feeling of inspiration, motivation or excitement as soon as you see it. When you find 'that' photo, tap the top right ellipsis (...) and hit 'Download Image.' This saves a full size version to your phone's camera roll. You should also press the big red button to 'save' the image too, to one of your boards. One - so you can find it later, and 2, because that photo inspired you, so pin it and show it some love.

Credit: Birkin image with grey scarf

Credit: Birkin Image white coat 

Pinterest Tips

1. Search for an image phrase you're looking for. Pinterest is an image search engine, so tell it what you want to find:

'All black outfit'

'Cool white coat outfit'

'Birkin 25 outfit ideas'

'Cool girl aesthetic'

2. When you find the type of imagery you were thinking of, click on the image that is near to what you're looking for. When it is open on the page, scroll downwards, and Pinterest will start to serve you imagery that is similar to the image you clicked on first.

3. Start saving your favourite images into boards for all of your different interests. The more boards the better. You'll never find the image again easily if you haven't saved it.

Image Credit

How Many Images to use?

At this point you may have spent hours on Pinterest searching for imagery that you want to use. I like to find 10 images that summarise my goals for the coming year - especially as I prefer the brick pattern layout that I have used, and this requires 10 pictures.

The type of images you find entirely relates to your own goals. Don't feel like you have to follow any rules here - find imagery that resonates with you and makes you feel something. Two images might relate to your career goals, three might relate to styling choices, or three might related to health. It all depends on you, your goals, how you're feeling and what you're wanting to manifest.

Image credit

Laying out your Vision Board

My favourite way to create a Vision Board in 2024 is using Adobe Express. This is a desktop app, but I use the iPhone app for creating these smaller mood boards. I highly recommend downloading it if you like to use Adobe. Another app to use is called Moldiv. I've used this now for years, as the number of layouts you can use is excessive and it's free to use. If it ever asks you to pay, find the little subtle X in the right or left top corner to get back to the free version. When you open the app, click 'collage' and it prompts you to find your layout option. I use the options on page 4 that utilise 10 images in one, but you can experiment as much as you like here. Choose your preferred layout, then hit the 'frame adjust' button. Where it says 1:1 - pull the cursor left to make your board 9:16 to fit your screen. Then the fifth adjustment option allows you to reduce the spacing between each image. I like to make that much thinner, so I pull it to the left. From here, just tap on one of the boxes, choose 'album' and start adding all of your images onto your board. You can also 'switch' them with other images on the board to move them into more aesthetically appealing positions and create the ideal image board. Play around with your image positions until you're happy. And when you're done, choose the bottom right arrow button and export at the 'Maximum' size. 

Image credit

add to your phone's wallpaper and stay focused.

Tag me in your own vision boards @Victoria and have fun manifesting!

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