With a PHD in fashion, a hair ambassadorship with L’Oréal Paris and a global audience, Victoria is the lady behind the award-winning fashion, travel and beauty blog, Inthefrow.

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4 Ways to Overcome Work Tiredness

A few tips to remotivate yourself when you’re down on enthusiasm, motivation and can’t shake the tiredness

Step By Step: The Evolution Of A Blog Post

From finding that first spark of imagination to hitting the dreaded publish button, here is how a great blog post is born

3 Ways to Live with a Workaholic (By a Workaholic)

The best ways to live with someone who has their heart set on working every hour of the day

Why You Need to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Why you need to take time to reflect on your achievements and to pat yourself on the back!

How to Avoid Social Regrets and FOMO

Avoiding social regrets and the fear of missing out! My tips for experiencing so much more!

How to Take Better Fashion Photos for your Blog

Blog photography tips, locations, lighting, settings and making the most of your camera!

Let’s Talk about Ads – for Inthefrow, Bloggers and Youtubers

My thoughts on the use of #ad within the blogging and youtube industry and the need for a change in perception

4 Ways to Grow Your Blog Following

What is the secret formula when it comes to blog growth? Here are my four tips for growing your audience!

How to be Successful

Who decides who is successful? And who is not? And how do we measure one persons success to our own?!

The Evolution of Blogging

Blogging has evolved into everyday story-telling and no one is the same person that they started out as

10 Steps For Success

Key ways to better equip yourself for future success

Hitting a Huge Milestone and a Celebratory Giveaway

I hit 350,000 subscribers. So Im giving away a big thankyou!

10 Reasons why I love the Blogging Community

          Chatting over chocolate burgers and deconstructed icecream sundaes came with the realisation that the blogging community is…

How to Get Inspiration for Blog Posts

When you just need a little inspiration… How do I get inspiration? Good question. When Im sat here in my chair at…

5 tips to avoid any nasty tax surprises for the blogger

After the fantastic response from my previous blogging tax and income related post, I felt I needed a follow up post, this time…

Get to Know me a Little Better

My Youtube channel wouldn’t be right without a few AskVictoria videos… Ask videos have become a big favourite with a lot of…

Becoming a Full Time Blogger and Youtuber

That’s it, I’m done. Work is over and from now on I’m my own boss.. 220 student reports later, and the Christmas…

Telling you the Truth and Nothing But the Truth

I think we need a talk… I haven’t spoken to you guys in a while, you know, me to you. And I…

9 Blogs You NEED to Know About

The blogging world is rather saturated. Everyone and anyone writes a blog about something, but these are 9 that I think need…

The Workstation of Dreams

I have been desperate for a work space for years. Somewhere to put on my makeup and write to my hearts content.…

The Truth about Tax and Blogging

After a conversation with some of my blogging pals, I realised that I, and they, have never read anything useful for bloggers…

A Fresh Start

And here we are. You’re looking at the new and ridiculously improved Inthefrow. It has taken months of development and a very…

A Massive Thankyou and the Company Style Blogger Awards

First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart to anyone who nominated me for a Company Magazine Style Blogger…

One year Anniversary

More Images on Instagram @inthefrow It was this day last year that I first sat down to design and write Inthefrow. I had…

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