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What Does Success Really Mean?
& Is It an Achievable Goal?

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A couple of weeks ago, in celebration of International Women's Day, the lovely team at Harpers Bazaar asked me to do an interview with them. A chat delving into all things career, being a woman online and what success I've had in the almost 10 years in this industry. It was such a pleasure to be asked to be part of their IWD celebrations and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been a part of their features in the company of such incredible people like Noor Tagouri, Ruth Wilson, Lilli Singh and many many more. 

If you want to take a minute with your morning coffee to read my interview and the other amazing features then you can head here and celebrate alongside us all. 

The one thing that that interview really set in motion for me, alongside a sense of pride for my achievements the last decade, was a real lingering want to investigate what success really means to me. For reference the team asked me;


Did you ever have a moment where you thought, ‘I'm successful now' and if so what was it? 


Honestly, it almost stumped me. Of course I consider myself to have had successes and I also consider myself to have been successful when I've achieved certain goals I've celebrated - but when can you call yourself successful? The question got me thinking and of course I knew that bringing the same question to you guys here on the blog would help. Success - what does it really mean?

I consistently move my own goal posts and that's kept me striving for that little bit more, so much so that I'm not sure that 'moment' will ever exist for me.

Is success...

a tangible thing?
a marker of one moment?
a culmination of wins?
a goal only to be self celebrated?
a descriptor bestowed upon you by others?


Or is it in fact completely unachievable
(in the best kind of way)
because it keeps you working, striving and wanting more?


The more I've thought about it I've realised it likely means something completely different to all of us, at different times in our lives. I can probably without hesitation say that twenty year old versions of ourselves would have thought of success in a much different sense than we do now. That doesn't make twenty year old us wrong, it just means we've changed and grown with time. Some of us will mark success by milestones, others may use comparison to doubt it. Some of us will set success on comfortable finances, others will determine it by the mark they make on others. Some of us will visualise success as an ever moving goal (that definitely best describes me) and some of us will, well we'll agree to disagree that maybe success is a figment of our imagination. 

I'd be so interested to know if you've ever thought about what success means to you and if it made you revaluate anything in your life? It certainly has for me and along with it it's made me wonder about reinventing the word success for my own use. Am I allowed to say that yes I am successful actually, without it coming across as something quite final? Can I say I feel I'm successful in certain aspects of my life but I'm a beginner in others? Can I acknowledge my own successes by celebrating them but also knowing that one success is for me a part of a much bigger picture? And can I share that my success has been and will be nothing without the ability to better other people's lives? Success doesn't have to mean to you what it means to me and vice versa, and I think that's the beauty of living our own lives as we do. 


If you feel comfortable sharing below please do, I'm so wanting to have a chat and see what your personal, work and any definitions of the term are! 

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