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A Little Life

Hey guys! How are you?! It's been a minute and I realised that I haven't said hey or chatted with you in a while. It feels like the last few weeks have flown by in the truest sense of the word. We're almost into August and well, it all just feels so strange. 

With my 32nd birthday gone and done, my Edge of Ember launch in full swing and the announcement of my Flannels Beauty ambassadorship finally live, it feels like three wonderful things I was waiting to share have arrived and with it some time to breathe. 

I'll be taking a little bit of annual leave towards the end of the month and also taking the chance to see my family for some down time and relaxing. Of course the usual self employed worry about taking time off is rearing its head but I'm also ready to take a minute with loved ones finally after this last year. 

So how are you?
How have you been?
What's been going on?

Let's chat x 

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So July has all but come and gone and August is just around the corner, but it honestly feels like the year has only just begun to me. It's been such a hard one to navigate and although the restrictions have lifted somewhat in England I do feel apprehensive. I've been so eager to get back to a sense of normality like so many of us have, but I'm also worried about the bigger picture. I'd love for work to be back to normal and for life to be plodding on like it was before, but the truth is I actually feel really quite anxious about the next couple of months. I mean I'd love to be taking a vacation and sitting on a beach somewhere sipping a piña colada if things allowed but a trip a little closer to home will more than suffice right now. It's who you're with that counts anyway right? I know I've chatted with so many of you in DMs and over on YouTube about your anxieties and worries too and sometimes there's comfort in knowing so many of us feel the same. That's why I love this community so much, sharing always feels and is the best way to halve any of our worries. 

I celebrated my 32nd birthday last weekend which was just wonderful and it totally got me thinking about how I love to celebrate as I get older. I always used to be the big planner who loved the night out, the getting ready with friends and the get together that marked the occasion but actually the quiet celebrations this year and last are some of my most cherished. Alex and I, good food, rest and relaxation and then the addition of Boe this year - sometimes the small celebrations are just as memorable as the big ones. And talking of birthday, I cannot tell you how much I loved my presents this year! My family and friends know me so so well and with all the garden renovations going on I got some of the most beautiful outdoor additions I'll share with you over on YouTube this weekend. Oh and Alex and I were lucky enough to be gifted an overnight stay at the beautiful Lucknam Park were we got to take a dip in the pool enjoy the spa and just generally take a little birthday break. Thank you to the incredible team there who hosted us, we can't wait to return! 

As for work, July has been full of anticipation to share such exciting goings on, with my second sustainable Edge of Ember collaboration launching and my Flannels Beauty ambassador announcement too. The biggest thank you to everyone who has supported The Paradise Collection (ad) and purchased something, there's nothing I am loving more right now than spending time in my Instagram DMs and going through all the wonderful pictures you're sending and sharing. Seeing them being styled and worn already is totally filling me with such joy - you're filling my cup tenfold so thank you! And another thank you for all the kind congratulations on my Flannels Beauty (ad) announcement. I'm so thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful group of ambassadors and I'm so excited to share the journey with not only them over the next few months but you too. Grateful for every single step on this journey! 

So I guess you could say there's my half year update for 2021. What a strange whirlwind of a first half of a year it's been and what a July especially it's been so far. I'm sending all of you so much love, relaxation, kindness, congratulations, a huge hug - or whatever else it is you might need right now. Take a few deep breaths and let's continue on this journey together for the second half of an extraordinary year.
I'd love to know below what's been bringing you joy recently, what's been going on with you, how you're doing right now - all of it :)
Let's chat! x

A huge thank you to NARS for the most wonderful summer stay at The Marylebone Hotel - it was such a treat to discover their new launch in one of my favourite hotels in London and snap a few pictures on the terrace during our stay!

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