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Bye Bye Flyaways
with the Dyson Supersonic

This blog post is a paid for advertorial in collaboration with Dyson Hair. (ad)

One of the highlights of my career came when I was asked to be a Dyson Hair ambassador. I've been thrilled to be able to test out incredibly innovative products before launch, to share with this community the technology behind the brands progress in the industry and most importantly to hero technology that I truly love to use daily. 

Dyson always seem to be one step ahead of the proverbial game when it comes to must have launches and I know so many of us love to see what's next for them.

When the Dyson Supersonic was released in 2016 it signalled a welcome trend for the highest standard of innovation and care for our hair, that we simply hadn't seen before. In the years that have passed we've not only seen the Dyson hair family of tools grow but the Dyson Supersonic in particular has continued to innovate and celebrate all hair types with updated attachments for all.

With that in mind I'm so excited to welcome the next member of the Dyson Supersonic family to the blog - the Flyaway Attachment.

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The Dyson Supersonic

Five years ago the Dyson team announced the release of their game changing hair tool - The Dyson Supersonic. (ad) A lightweight, easy to use hair dryer that harnessed superior technology and so was born a hair tool that is a one of a kind invention. A hair dryer that solved the everyday problems of previous iterations, in every way the team could think of.

First and foremost the Dyson Supersonic was designed to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Gone are bulky and annoying to use hair tools that also don't travel well. Secondly the Dyson engineers created a hair dryer that over four years in the making, was made to keep hair healthy. 1010 miles of real human hair was used to ensure that the Dyson Supersonic not only styled hair beautifully but from root to tip, helped to keep hair in its best possible condition. Thirdly the motor was created for this hair dryer only - half the weight, eight times as fast as usual motors and placed in the handle (not the head) to ensure balance. It's also beautifully quiet in comparison to many other hair dryers and is surrounded by acoustic silencers, uses more blades to reduce turbulence and the flow of air travels down a specific targeted pathway. Lastly the Dyson Supersonic (ad) was designed with care in mind. It doesn't just dry hair faster and do so with less noise, it does it all while protecting natural shine with far less heat. A thermometer inside the body measures air temperature twenty times a second (yes you read that correctly - every second!) to ensure that the heating elements remain at an optimum temperature that won't cause stress and damage to hair.

Revolutionary and innovative are not words to be used lightly but in this case, the Dyson Supersonic is both - setting standards for hair care and hair tools to the highest of markers.

The Dyson Supersonic Attachments

In the years that have followed the release of the Dyson Supersonic (ad), the science behind their respect of haircare has continued at a rapid pace, only resulting in extending the Dyson Supersonic family for the better. When the Dyson Supersonic was born, so was the ability to care for all hair in a way that had never been considered, developed or used before. Yes the Dyson Hair family of tools looks incredibly sleek and beautifully modern, as well as being dream pieces of technology to own but the importance of all hair has never taken a backseat.

The Dyson Supersonic family has now grown to include Dyson attachments that focus on all hair types and hair health. The Styling Concentrator for focused section styling, the Diffuser Attachment for defined waves and curls, the Gentle Air Attachment for sensitive scalps and particularly fine hair, the Wide Tooth Comb Attachment for curly and textured hair and now the Flyaway Attachment for smooth, sleek hair styling.

The latest attachment addition to the family has already become a must have in my own haircare routine and as always, the technology behind the creation is just as amazing as the finish itself. If you're someone like me who loves the way a salon blow dry and blow out feels but you've struggled to get that smooth, sleek finish at home - then get ready for another game changer of a tool.

The Flyaway Attachment

The Flyaway Attachment (ad) is the newest wow member of the Dyson Supersonic family and one that is ideal for my particular hair type. I have naturally dry hair that is also coloured and that often means I suffer from breakage no matter how hard I try to keep my mane hydrated. Although my hair has never felt and looked better thanks to less exposure to heat and more careful styling tips as given to me by the experts over at Dyson (you can head here to find out more about those!) the Flyaway Attachment has upped my styling game once again. Dyson have managed to bridge the gap between at home styling and salon finished by harnessing the same technology used to create the Dyson Airwrap.

If you've never heard the of the Coanda effect before then let me explain how the newest attachment uses this pioneering engineering to hide and tame flyaways, creating the smoothest at home finish possible. The Flyaway Attachment has a unique curved head that gently attracts longer hairs to the forefront of your chosen style, in turn hiding the breakaways and flyaways that often stand out after styling. Just as the Coanda effect styles hair with the Dyson Airwrap, engineers realised this power could be used in two individual air streams to lift longer hairs to the top of your style and to hide shorter flyaways underneath your style. Using airflow only to create a perfected blow dry means less heat, less damage and the ability to keep hairs natural shine.

There's really no need to add more heat or product into your hair routine with this newest release as the Flyaway Attachment (ad) makes the ability to achieve that sought after salon look at home, simpler than ever.

The Dyson Supersonic Family

The Flyaway Attachment now comes as standard when purchasing the Dyson Supersonic (ad) but if you're already the proud owner of a Dyson hair dryer then you can head below to add the newest attachment, as well as all the other amazing innovations from the Dyson Hair team, to your at home routine. 

A huge thank you to the Dyson team for having me as an ambassador, it truly means so much to me to be part of a brand family that offers such incredible game changing products. If you'd like to find out more about my previous Dyson Hair reviews you can head to the below links or just search "Dyson" on the Inthefrow homepage. 

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