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5 Styles I'm Loving
For 2021

There's been lots of talk recently about what style different generations should be embracing, what pieces people of certain ages should avoid and even what parting people should embrace unless they want to give their age away. I think you most likely know what my opinion is here but for complete clarity - hell no! 

I have always been a lover of the you do you mentality when it comes to all things fashion because trending fashion is only one part of someone's style identity. Whether your budget allows for your to buy ready to wear straight from the designers featured on the runways or your budget allows you to indulge in high street brands you adore that are influenced directly by the designers themselves - the most important part of someone's style id their unique take. 

Personal style is exactly what you make it and it's your unique fashion blueprint. It doesn't matter if you follow trends closely every season, make a point to ignore them, wait for designer dupes or stick with all things classic year on year, you do you. 

So what are 5 styles I'll be wearing often this year (weather depending of course - ah rainy England!) because I simply love to wear them? 

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The Skinny Jean 

You may have seen recently that Gen Z has been cancelling the skinny jean over on TikTok and that's because they seem to think that only Millennials wear them in a bid to look younger than we are. As a Millennial (1989 baby over here!) I can safely say that the skinny jean is the most worn denim style in my wardrobe and it will most likely be staying that way. The reason? I love them! It's as simple as that when it comes to most pieces in my wardrobe but definitely when it comes to denim. I wear cuts of denim that I feel flatter my figure, elongate my legs, style well with most of my footwear and feel versatile from casual to dressy depending on the wash. I'm a skinny jean lover and proud of it even if I will still delve into a few other cuts here and there. 

The Combat Boot 

I know when the combat boot came back into fashion last year it was a most definite love/hate style for so many. I for one was definitely torn over if I wanted to indulge in the trend, especially as a high heel lover. However if my style has changed in one significant way over the last couple of years, it's the addition of far more flat footwear in my closet much to the relief of my feet. From my beloved Converse, to summer sandals, to designer sneakers and now to the combat boot too. Let's face it, no matter how much we wish it would be non stop sunshine from now until early autumn, we know here in England that dream is a far flung one for sure and we're more likely to be deluged with rain. Enter the importance of versatile layers, transitional jackets and footwear our feet won't get soggy in. They may have been a huge trend over the last year but this is one shoe style you'll still be seeing me in on all the cooler days this year. 

The Oversized Blazer 

Where do I even start with my blazer collection?! I'm sure by now you've all seen my closet clear out video on YouTube where I'm adamant I don't own that many blazers, only to open my closet doors and realise I have one for everyday of the week, every mood I'm in and every occasion there could possibly be. If there's one item I likely don't need to add this year (mainly because I'll be designing my dream fits with Holland Cooper - pinch me!) it's a new blazer. But if there's one trend cut I invested in last year that's already been my go to layering piece for the ever changing spring weather, it's an oversized blazer as worn with this dog walking look! The perfect throw on outerwear, great for layering under looser jacket styles if there's a nip in the air and such an easy way to look and feel put together for a last minute zoom meeting too. Definitely not a style I'll be ditching anytime soon, trendy or not! 

The Designer Logo 

Another definite love/hate trend that I fell in love with in the last couple of years has been the designer logo. Whether that's been from my collection of worn often chic white tees from some of my favourite luxury brands or through to my ever growing knitwear collection from brands who are embracing their logos as all over designs. I know some will choose more classic pieces from brands over the more bold streetwear inspired designs we're seeing from Gucci, Balenciaga and Fendi but for someone like me who indulges in fashion that feels fun, it's right up my street. Jumpers, handbags, cardigans, jackets, tees - I'm all for these more joyful and statement pieces from luxury brands I already have a penchant for. Perhaps a style that might feel too in your face for some but I know when I fell in love with that Gucci cardigan just after Christmas, hundreds of you did too and I'll be wearing it all year round regardless! 

The High Waist 

And last but not least the high waist in general seems to be a style that's totally back in fashion and I'm here for it as I always have been! Along with the Gen Z attempt at skinny jean shaming there also seems to have been talk of hipster and low slung denim making a comeback and I honestly don't even know where to start with this one haha Do we need to create a petition perhaps to stop this comeback? I'm only joking of course, if you love a hipster style you do you in comfort but I don't feel that's one cut of denim you'll be seeing in my closet any time soon! I much prefer a high waist when it comes to skirts, shorts and especially my newest style love, the linen trouser. Give me a high waist so I can wear a cropped shirt, tuck a lightweight knit in and add a few extra inches to my legs - a win win for my personal style and one that'll be worn throughout 2021!

The moral of the story, or should I say blog post; wear whatever makes you feel great! Whether that's because you want to feel sexy, feminine, comfortable, masculine, confident, powerful, trendy or all of the above whenever you feel like it. You do you and wear the hell out of the pieces you've curated because above all fashion should always be fun! 

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