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A Million Reasons
To Celebrate

On Thursday February 4th 2021 I hit the 1 million milestone over on Instagram and I don't feel like I can let it pass without a little celebration here together on the blog. This site has always been a diary of all the things I love whether that's fashion, beauty, homewares or life events and this time it just so happens to be a community milestone I'd love to mark. 

If you follow me over on Instagram I want to say a huge thank you for being a part of that mind blowing number of people (someone messaged me and mentioned it's the equivalent of a football stadium x10 which honestly made my knees weak haha) but I simply can't say thank you enough for being a part of what we have together. 


One Million Strong x

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Quality over quantity always but how lucky am I that the milestone I've just achieved consists of a community I am just so proud to be a part of. There are over 2.5 million of us now across all my social platforms and every single person needs to know just how grateful I am for their support. I've never wanted to be a numbers person and thrive on so much of the engagement we have together in Instagram DMs, blog post threads, YouTube comment sections and even emails, but admittedly hitting 1,000,000 people over on Instagram deserves a little moment I'd say!

Numbers truly don't mean anything if those numbers aren't made up of incredible humans and I'm privileged that in our case they very much are. I truly put my heart and soul into this job and to see the numbers climbing recently when I've been so enjoying creating content too has just felt so special. I spent a lot of last year down on myself and trying hard not to focus on the numbers, while also running myself into the ground and it seems when I just started enjoying what we have together, our numbers grew. I've been on Instagram since 2012 and although it may not have been a speedy journey to one million strong, it's been a journey I just wouldn't change looking back. I love my job and I also feel like even if the numbers might not be the be all and end all, I can still shout from the rooftops how proud I am of this milestone.

Thank you is never and will never be enough but thank you from the bottom of my heart for the positivity, excitement, support and encouragement you share with me always. You all fill my cup and make me feel like I can do anything I put my mind and heart to with this community surrounding me.

Victoria x

Images taken on a magical PR trip last January to beautiful Finland with the Lumene team.

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