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Which Belts to Add
Into Your Closet

It seems to me like belts are the most under appreciated accessories in our closets. The pieces that seem like an after thought, that are often forgotten altogether or that we throw on as last minute decisions. The funny thing is of course that the accessory that feels like the least important, can actually be the one to make or break an outfit. 

When I started my What I Would Be Wearing series over on Instagram, it made me take a closer look at the clothes and accessories in my wardrobe and not only think about ways in which I could style them, but how I could restyle them too.

Just as the lockdown has done for so many of us it's made me slow down in more ways than one and think about what I would/should be doing or in this case, What I Would Be Wearing when things get a little back to normal. 

So if you're thinking about adding a new belt into your wardrobe but you're not sure where to start, here are the 4 styles I love and wear most often.

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Waist Belts 

When it comes to style choices, a signature waist belt is probably one of the most versatile styles you can own, especially when you think about the ways in which it can switch up and finish an outfit. Not only can it completely change the shape of a piece in your wardrobe, it can alter the final look dramatically too. The right belt can take a loose fitting dress into a waist hugging piece, it can take a jumper dress from cosy and relaxed through to chic and smart and it can take an outer layer like a jacket from practical to stylish. 

Tan Belts

I have to say until last summer the majority of the belts in my wardrobe were all black. I'd purchased them for the sake of having belts that would go with almost everything in my wardrobe rather than choosing them because they're also key accessories to any look. Fast forward to 2021 and half my belts are now tan because I've realised that actually a beautifully rich tan shade in a belt is like my spring summer switch up to a basic black style. The perfect tan belt styles perfectly with summer dresses, beautifully with my current love of linen, and feels luxurious against crisp white clothing in spring. 

Logo Belts 

I actually spoke about the topic of logos in a sit down YouTube video this week, discussing all things accessories and how they're the perfect entry point into luxury brands you've been lusting over. I was never a lover of brand names on my clothing or statement logos on my accessories but as the years have gone on and trends have developed so have my own tastes in accessories. I absolutely adore a belt with a logo buckle now and actually I'd say my 5 favourite and most worn belts as linked below, all have brand logos because I feel they bring so much style to relatively understated looks.

Statement Belts 

If there's one style of belt I feel I'd like to add into my wardrobe right now it's a real statement style that not only feels versatile but that stands out as the highlight of an outfit. I definitely have that in perhaps my Valentino waist belt and my chic Dior jacquard style but the more I restyle my favourite pieces the more I want to venture out into a bolder and perhaps brighter colour way. Knowing that belts can easily be the after thought of a whole look I think maybe a new colourful or even bright white addition, might feel like the perfect excuse to play around with my style even more!

In My Wardrobe 

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