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One of the most frequently asked questions I get when I open my Instagram DMs, is "I love (insert hobby/topic/passion here) but is there any room for me to create my own blog?". In a virtual world where we fill our social feeds and our phone screens with our favourite creators, it can be hard to see that there's room for something new but I assure you there is!

What would we be if there was never anything new to inspire, motivate and entertain us? It's the newness that keeps us moving forward. 

Of course creating a blog takes far more work/content than the average social media platform but if you have the time, the inclination and the excitement to share something you love - I say hell yes there's room for you and whatever you want to create.  

So the next time you think about creating a blog and you're having second thoughts, here's a few things to ask yourself...

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Firstly, do you want to create a blog about something you love? Do you want to shoot some imagery, write some copy and chat amongst like minded people who share the same passions as you? If the answers are yes then please go for it - there's room I promise you. Whether you're contemplating sharing a little part of your life you think people may find intriguing, your love for all things technology, a blog dedicated to high end fashion lusting or even tips and tricks on your budget home renovations - dive in. There will always be like minded people online who are searching for another opinion, a helpful hint or simply something to read with their weekend coffee and you could be the person that creates that something for them. If you really truly want to create a blog and you are eager to explore how that looks, I'd encourage you to take the plunge and start to shape your online community.

Secondly, do you have the time? This is definitely dependent on the way in which you'll be presenting your blog, as perhaps you want to keep things chic and simple as opposed to pushing your creativity to the max right away but time is a big hurdle to deal with. When I created Inthefrow it was a place to share my love of all things beauty. The items I treated myself to as a University student, the holy grail products I couldn't do without and the new releases I had on my wishlist for when my monthly Roxy payday came around. Who remembers my obsession with The Body Shop honey range and the Lush million Dollar Moisturiser?! Even when it was simply a hobby for me and there was no money to be earned from any of my platforms, I would write until I couldn't write anymore. Often publishing 7/8 blog posts a week (admittedly they weren't like they are now with an entire set of photos, shoppable links, a customised WordPress builder and an audience of over 55,000 on Bloglovin') but I enjoyed creating posts and building my presence here so much, that I just wanted to be consistent. And boy am I glad I was!

Thirdly, do you already have any other social media platforms? If you do this is a great jumping board to experiment and decide on your possible niche. Now of course to create a blog you most definitely don't need to have a very unique niche, but having a Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter to a certain extent, may already have aided you in realising there's a gap in the market for your particular passion. Perhaps you yourself were looking for a blog or an Instagram that inspired or entertained you and your new venture fills that social media black hole. As well as already bringing inspiration to the table for your new site it's likely it'll also help you to spread awareness when you first launch too. A ready made following who choose to follow you already, will likely love your newest platform and a supportive audience is also likely to organically share too. A match made in heaven to explore a new way to be creative with people you already love engaging with!

Lastly, why not? I know, I know - how flippant a question but one thing I always ask myself when I get an idea is why the hell not? Why not indulge in a creative outlet for yourself? Why not share something that brings you joy? Why not take the plunge and do something a little out of your comfort zone? I've always known it but recently I've thought about it more and more - we should be using our own light to encourage and support others. It doesn't matter if someone else's success comes far faster than your own, that success should inspire and encourage you to see hard work pays off. Blogging is such a highlight of my working week. I get to journal my feelings, share my passions and chat with people who have become friends in a community I'm so utterly proud of, it's such a privileged outlet. I'm also such a positive person in my everyday life and try to share that here no matter what but I can't tell you how amazing someone elses words of support always mean to me. The good luck, the go for it, the you can do it - it makes me realise there isn't really a why not. So with that in mind? Good luck, go for it and I promise you can do it!

If you've recently taken the plunge and created a new blog then feel free to share below so maybe we can find some new creators to support and enjoy this year :) 

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