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Linen: The Cream
of The Crop

Guys I have to admit I've recently acquired an obsession with all things linen. I can't seem to get enough of it, specifically in more natural colour ways and it seems to have reached every aspect of my wardrobe.

First it was blazers, then it was trousers, now it's spread to my shoes and even my bags - so that means it's obviously time it made an appearance here on the blog too. 

Linen is most definitely a trend we'll be seeing a lot of this spring, especially when it comes to laidback suiting and floaty wide leg tailoring but just in general it's a material we'll be seeing all over. In terms of trends for the season it's a relatively simple one to invest in and equally as easy to style, but where should you start if unlike me, you're not addicted to all things linen quite yet.

Here's a round up of 25 beautiful pieces available to buy right now across all budgets, styles and even colour ways. 

PS - Some of the beauties below are also in the January sales with up to 40% off! 

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Trousers & Shorts

Toss all that you know about suiting out the window for the upcoming season and indulge in materials and cuts you may not have considered before. Spring signals a total 180 for tailoring and instead of restrictive cuts and thicker materials think fluid lines and lightweight linen. Push the tapered legs to one side and try out a wide leg that's either a flattering crop or just skims the floor as you walk. And as for shorts and skirts? Still opt for that flattering high waist and perhaps even paper-bag style detailing but allow the linen itself to do the talking rather than adding too many other details into the mix. 

Bags & Totes

Tote bags are big business again for 2021 and I for one couldn't be happier about it! As much as I love a beautiful tiny handbag for certain occasions (and the last year hasn't had many of those occasions let's face it!) I can fill a bag with the best of them. If you're going to opt for any bag this season though and unlike me you can resist packing the kitchen sink when you leave the house, then definitely consider linen. We saw natural linen bags appear last autumn as we embraced more of a 70's vibe but they seem here to stay this spring with a focus on brands like Jacquemus, Saint Laurent and Loewe. 

Tops & Shirts

Whether we're talking shirts, crops or bralettes I am very much here for all things linen on our top halves this year. Choose to layer in the colder months then give them their time in the sunshine as we head into summer, to really get your wear out of them. Think relaxed linen shirts tucked into your favourite bottoms or more structured bralettes teamed with layered tonal knits to hit the monochrome trend too. If you're going to invest in one linen piece this year I'd opt for a shirt to add some versatility into your closet. Cinch it, layer it, tie it, wrap it, unbutton it - a great option!


If I find a blazer that ticks the holy trinity of checklists (linen, double breasted, long length) I'll add it to my cart faster than Alex can say "Really Victoria? Another blazer?". A linen blazer feels like it's slowly but surely become a staple in my wardrobe and that's because I've found it's more versatile thank I realised. A perfect layer in spring summer, a smart casual option for any work meetings via zoom and even better in the double breasted style I love to wear, it hits double the trends at once. Natural shades of linen combined with oversized suiting - pinch me!

Dresses & Skirts

I'm not sure I could even consider a skirt or a dress right now when it seems the farthest we venture is walking Boe, but for me dreaming of a little spring weather is definitely offering a little hope. No spring dressing would be complete without considering a beautifully lightweight dress, even if we're layering as the seasons change, so linen being a trend for 2021 seems meant to be for our sunshine dreams. Of course choose whatever shape you adore but this year we'll see dresses with lots of puff sleeves, mid length skirts, ruching and even corset style tops - something for everyone! 

I'd love to know if you're also linen obsessed for spring 2021 or is there another trend you're focusing on that you can't wait to indulge in? My biggest takeaway from any trend chat is that there's always a way to discover a trend or style in a way that works for you! Whether that be for your body type, your personal style or simply for your budget - you do you in whichever way brings you joy :) 

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