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2021: The Year of
Whatever You Want

Looking back on last years blog posts from the beginning of the year, it's quite clear I was hoping for a much different 2020 for all of us. One filled with dreams to be achieved, goals to be worked towards and memories to be made - definitely not the one we were handed. 

I know so many of us want to forget last year and aim for a far better and successful year ahead, but I know that at least one of my blog posts/topics from January 2020 still rings incredibly true. The need to be kinder to myself - physically and mentally. 

It's the time of year we look back, peer forward, find goals, chat resolutions, set intentions but starting the year last year aiming to be kinder to myself and to embrace self care, rest and relaxation, was definitely the making of me. 

So here's a little something I wrote in that haze between Christmas and New Year, feeling equally nostalgic for the person I'm growing to be and excited for the journey to continue without pressure, expectation or anxiety. 

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The end of 2020. Do I feel different to how I did when it started? In some ways - yes. In other ways - no. Do I want to change who I am? Absolutely not. I'd day I probably feel the best sense of who I am and who I want to be, than I ever have before.

I understand the whole ‘new year new me’ mantra that is thrown around at the start of every year, after all each to their own. For many, having that cut off point between one year or even one month, of bad habits and bad vibes is a great incentive to start fresh. Especially after 2020 too, I can understand it more than ever. Out with those old habits and head first into the new, hopefully better ones. It's like a slate has been wiped clean, ready for all things new. I totally get that, and I too have used a brand new year to find a sense of revitalised motivation and determination previously.

However as expected, unless we have the willpower of an actual Saint, that motivation doesn’t always last all that long and in fact, I feel the energy needed for that initial motivation becomes minus or negative energy later down the line. As though your energy levels are raised to full power on January 1st and the more you use rapidly in a small window of time, the less you have to take from over a longer period of time. And so, whilst you start strong, your energy for continuous change is likely to dwindle with too much pressure.

Then you have those on the other side of the coin who say, don’t change yourself at all. You're you and that's amazing. Why should you change? Why feel that intense pressure? If you have nothing you want to change, then please don't - we're all unique and that's so cool. A new year doesn’t mean that the previous year you is ‘old’ and totally worthless and in need of a complete refresh. You aren't something to be thrown away, discarded or updated. There is literally a one second difference between your 2020 self and 2021 self. You’re the same person you always were. You might love the skin you’re in, you might already have ten wonderful hobbies and you may have already finished your home renovation. Perhaps you’re set and just looking forward to getting on with the year! But let’s be honest, it’s likely there aren’t many people who’ve got their shit together like you do. 

Even if you’re not Mr Motivation, why not use the opportunity when the clock ticks over from 2020 to 2021, to see it as a fresh page in your book. You need not change anything about yourself physically or even anything about your lifestyle, but perhaps your mindset or positivity could use a little kick in the right direction. Perhaps you have one thing on your list you want to get done that you’ve put off for ages; maybe that could be the thing you work towards for this new year. Just a way to move into a new year without any huge expectations that could leave you feeling like a failure later on, as so many resolutions do. One thing to achieve or works towards in a year isn’t too much to ask yourself for I'd say!

Whatever you want to do (and that's truly the key, what YOU want to do) realise that ‘New Year New Me’, doesn’t mean the last year is for the old you. There is no old you, there is just you and the person you enjoy being and becoming. If you don’t want to make a resolution, fine. If you don’t want to change anything, fine. But if you like the idea of leaving 2020 behind and starting 2021 with a goal, small or large, or even two goals or even more - then why the hell not! Don’t feel pressure. Just see January 1st as a new day in your diary, and you can start this year however the hell you want to.

And just in case you were wondering... what are my resolutions? As much as I say don’t lay on pressure, I am setting myself a couple of lifestyle changes. But for me they’re not pressured; some of them are things I do fairly often depending on the upcoming occasions and seasons, and others are things I’ve been needing a little motivatin to do for some time.

1. I’m going back to dairy free.
2. I’m spending more time exercising however I enjoy to. My Peloton is my new favourite toy and any form of exercise in a week makes me feel like a stronger, happier person.
3. I intend to get acupuncture for my back and neck aches.
4. I’ll launch the projects I’ve been dreaming of.
5. I intend to continue my sustainable journey and hope to make even more small changes to my lifestyle and habits.

How do you feel on this topic? I’d absolutely love to know your feelings and whether you’re setting yourself some simple ‘to-do’ tasks for this year? Feel free to share below what you are or aren't doing!

Happy New Year lovely ones x

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