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A Spark of

We've all felt disheartened with social media and what it brings to our lives on more than one occasion - I for one know that feeling all too well. We live in a world where so much of what we do is focused on the use of social media platforms and centres on the corners of the internet we visit.

As a content creator who relies on social media (especially Instagram) for a large portion of my career but who equally just loves to spend time on the internet in general - I've found myself experiencing a multitude of things over the last few months and they've not always been easy to navigate. I've felt overwhelmed, disheartened, worried, saddened, anxious and I've been losing focus on the bigger picture, that Instagram should be enjoyable to use, career oriented or not!

There's always been a huge focus on numbers, engagement, following, likes and every statistic in-between and unfortunately that's sometimes come at the expense of enjoying, creating and posting the content itself. Of course I can't deny that when content you've poured passion and love into isn't received as well as you've hoped, it impacts my mood but I've recently had a lightbulb moment and I've rediscovered my love for all things Instagram.

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I have so many thoughts and feelings about Instagram that I think I'd have to write a book, as opposed to sharing just some of my chatty thoughts here with you on the blog, but the long and short of it is that with everything in life, it's hard to take your own advice. Quite often you try to lift people up and engage with their content, celebrating their collaborations, cheerleading for them when they need a little push but I always have to be reminded to do the same for myself. Gradually Instagram has become more and more important for my career over the years and I've sometimes forgotten to simply enjoy the privilege of being on it. Enjoy sharing, enjoy chatting, enjoy being. I recently shared my thoughts on why I'm grateful for social media as a whole when it can get such negative press (you can head here to read my top 3 reasons) and it made me realise that through choosing to shine a more positive light on the app, as well as curating a space I enjoy visiting, I've rediscovered my love for it all. Sometimes all you need is a small spark of inspiration, to ignite a fire for something you fear you might have lost!

In amongst the consistent algorithm rumours and the seemingly never ending panic about engagement rates dropping, there are some creators that inspire me to do more and see the forest for the trees. One of them being Vix Meldrew and her amazing account that cuts through the Instagram BS (let's face it there can be a lot!) and simply focuses on what should bring you joy and growth. The joy of continuing to create, the joy of being passionate about that content and the joy of having fun with it all the while. The big constant in all of these things? Showing my true self. Seriousness is great when it's needed and warranted, and so many topics deserve that respect but somewhere along the way, perhaps as a means of protection, I started to hide myself a little. Of course it will always be an individuals choice what they share online and how/what they choose to share should always be respected, but for me opening up and starting to share more of my personality, sense of humour and general silliness has helped me to enjoy Instagram all over again. No hiding, less worrying, less anxiety - just having fun, letting my creative ideas run wild with and without brands and hopefully making some of you laugh in the process too! It's brought the biggest smile to my face recently when I know someone has laughed with me (or at me sometimes haha!), enjoyed my creations or just been inspired to share it with their friends - it's the best feeling when you know you've made someone smile!

Another factor and a huge spark of inspiration has most definitely been the introduction of Reels over on Instagram too. I'm someone that loves change, growth and switching things up when the opportunity arises, so to have the platform add an exciting new way to share and seeing so many people engage with it, has been a total joy! I find myself opening Instagram and more often than not lately, being glad I headed over for a scroll to see what the people I love to follow are sharing. I think the main thing I've registered in rediscovering my love for Instagram, is that that love shows and shines through in my content. In the last couple of months of sharing a little more of me, I've created some of my favourite content ever and my ideas have felt like they've had the room they need to grow and run wild, unconstricted by my worries. When I'm creating content I've found myself pitching out there ideas to brands, sharing more creative thoughts than ever with my team and chatting all things positivity with you in my DMs when you've taken the time to share my creations. All because I'm enjoying Instagram again and feeling that spark of inspiration. In the grand scheme of things, perhaps rediscovering my love for Instagram might not have been at the top of my priority list, but anything that brings some happiness, in real life or online, is a-okay by me!

I'd love to know how you're feeling about social media right now if you want to share any thoughts below! Maybe you've been feeling deflated too and you've jumped into creating via Reels to try something new? I'd be so interested to know if a new season has brought with it some new inspiring ideas!

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