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Essential Dressing for
Autumn Winter

I'm currently sat on the sofa at Frowhome, with a delicious oat milk hot chocolate, thinking about the months ahead and what they'll hopefully hold. The movie nights, the dinner dates, the knitwear - all of the festive things that will slowly happily invade our day to day. 

With the late heatwave we were so lucky to experience last week, I felt a tinge of sadness knowing it may be the last of the warm weather we see for 2020 but in all honesty, autumn is definitely my favourite season. 

I've been pulling my knitwear out, creating blog posts on all things boot trends, dreaming of little UK staycations and even shooting some cooler weather looks with Holland Cooper that I can't wait for you to see. 

So what do you really need in your closet right now and every autumn winter to come if you want to cover all possible weather and event bases? Why these 5 essentials of course - some of the most worn things in my own wardrobe over the years, that maybe you already own too!

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The Camel Coat 

Apart from knitwear galore appearing from every angle in my closet when the colder weather appears, the true love of my life, lies in rediscovering the coats in my wardrobe. There's something about a little nip in the air (is that only a Northern term?) that feels so wonderful, when you have the chicest camel coat to slip on. I'm simply a sucker for those warm camel and caramel tones you find appearing everywhere in September & October and that's because to me, they signify the leaves falling and my stereotypical Starbucks loving heart skipping a beat. If it's long, camel and has a collar I can pop when the weather really turns, then it's going to catch my eye!

The Cream Knit

If I had a pound every time someone asks me "But how do you avoid getting makeup on your knitwear?!" I'd most likely be able to invest in a new Hermès already but as it stands I unfortunately don't! Oh the answer I hear you ask? The answer is actually I don't avoid it but I simply love cream knits too much not to wear them weekly, through autumn and winter. Give me cable knit, ribbed, chunky, cashmere and everything in-between and I'm a happy Victoria. A happy Victoria who doesn't need a single other piece of knitwear this year - nope not a single one! Not even that beautiful Mango knit that has somehow made its way into my basket and oops... A happy Victoria with another cream knit - any cleaning tips welcome! 

The Black Boots

My style is predominantly made up of pieces I'd regard as classic and transitional through the years, if not the seasons too. The classic pieces that in some iteration, so many of us currently have in our wardrobes or have had in our wardrobes. It's boot season and that means it's time to consider if you need to invest in some boots that go with everything. I'm not talking the trends that we're seeing that have us making all the heart eyes currently, like combat boots or the knife heel style, but the classic black ankle boot. The boot that you wear with jeans, with dresses, with knitwear, with shirts, with suits and practically everything you already own - save perhaps your bikini haha! Either way, you do you but there's a pair of back boots out there for everyone, I'm sure of it. 

The Blue Jeans

Now I'm well aware these choices won't win any prizes for most innovative fashion musings of 2020 but style doesn't always equal trends. When it comes to the pieces that make up the building blocks of my wardrobe, there are some key pieces that will forever be part of the cycle and a pair of blue jeans will always be one of them. It can be hard to find the 'right' pair of jeans for you ie. the brand/style/fit/wash that makes you want to slip them on, even on days when your loungewear is whispering your name. But the truth is when you find them, you'll rarely want to wear anything else. They may say diamonds are a girls best fiend but I think maybe the perfect pair of jeans has that same swoon worthy effect on a lot of us.

The Stylish Hoody

I thought I'd throw a curveball into the last of the 5 essentials, purely because I think if I'd have asked you to guess what number 5 was going to be, you'd all have shouted "BLAZER!" in unison. In fact when it comes to that strange transition between the warmer days and cooler evenings, one of my most reached for layers is what I'd call a 'stylish' hoody. Although I love stealing from Alex's collection just as much as I love shopping my own (what's your is mine Alex - sorry not sorry!) a super chic cashmere esque hoody, styled under a classic long line coat, screams of me sneakily looking cooler than I actually am. The hoody doesn't have to be oversized or grunge if that's not your style right now and if that's the case, some of my favourite knitwear brands have created the ideal knit/hoody hyrbids. 

The embellished camisole and blazer featured in this imagery are the same pieces I wore for our wedding last year. You can see a post about that full suited look here. These images were taken during our recent anniversary staycation at Daylesford that was not a PR trip.

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