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Is Social Media
All Bad?

Social media can be a lot.

It can be heavy, stressful and can impact our mental health in such a way that it creeps negatively into our real life too. We compare ourselves, we second guess our decisions and even if we know the grass isn't always greener, it's hard to accept that truth.

What I often have to remind myself of is that so much of what we do, follow and interact with online is our own choice. Not every step we take is our choice, we've all been served upsetting opinions, unsolicited advice and even threats, but to an extent we can curate our social media bubble. 

One of the most common words I hear from friends online is that we too often feel overwhelmed with social media. With what we'd like to see vs what we do see, what time we should spend online vs what time we do and where we draw the line for the sake of our happiness.  

No matter what situation I face in life, if I feel overwhelmed, worried or simply sad, I look for the positives. The perspective, the chance to change my mindset and the reasons behind the joy, that may have suddenly felt non existent.

Social media can be a lot, but there are reasons to be grateful for it too. 

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The Inspiration

One of the main reasons I love social media, is the boundless and never ending inspiration it offers up. Whether I'm looking for renovation inspiration for our new bathroom, searching for some light relief to reset my work brain or wanting to update my wardrobe for the new season, I have the ability at my finger tips to search to my hearts content. Through Pinterest boards, Instagram feeds and Facebook pages - I'm so grateful there are an abundance of people, both experts and hobbyists, who choose to share their passions with the world. As someone on both sides of the social media world, both a consumer and a producer so to speak, I'm thankful for so much available inspiration in my career and also my personal life. In amongst the times I feel my creativity may be waning or I'm not sure of my next step, 9 times out of 10 social media offers me a lightbulb moment and a much needed boost through embracing other peoples joy! 

The Escape

So often I tell myself I need to step away from social media or put down my phone to relax and unwind after my work day. Especially late in the evening when my purposeful time on socials has wrapped up, I try to leave my phone in another room, charge it away from my bed or simply pop it on mute. All ways to escape social media but sometimes I actually don't want to. It may form a big part of my career and I admit I may spend a little too much time procrastinating occasionally but I also love to escape into social media too. Just like some people love to watch films they've seen a hundred times to unwind, I love to head onto Instagram Reels or TikTok and just laugh. There are so many ways in which we can utilise social platforms, so many of which are crucial and important to our lives, that it's other wonderful purpose, to entertain - can be hidden from view. I'm so grateful for social media as an escape from the heavier days and to serve me some joy when I need it, I wish i remembered this more!

The Discovery

This year especially has proven to so many of us, that social media doesn't just have to be a place of rest and relaxation, filled with beautiful imagery and video. It's wonderful when it is and you can escape to whichever corner of the web you choose and need to in that moment, but look how much we've engage with this year. We've gotten involved with social justice movements, shared vital resources and campaigns, discovered activists online who have opened our eyes and we continue to see the impacts of this education. How privileged we are, to have access to so many amazing minds, voices and inspirations for us to discover, as we challenge ourselves and continue to learn. Without social media, it would be hard to imagine what 2020 would have looked like, but I am so very grateful that it was here to encourage my own discovery and to keep all of us searching for more. So thankful we have space on social media to use our voices to enlighten, listen and discover.

I would absolutely love to know any reasons you're grateful for social media - whether it's because it empowers you or just entertains you. I feel that I'm definitely someone who owes so much to the platforms I choose to share on and sometimes in amongst the negativity, the reasons we loved social media to begin with can be lost. Let me know below what you're grateful for too :) 

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