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A Year On!

We've been in our beautiful home just over a year now and I still pinch myself whenever we get to wake up safe and sound, to the birds singing outside a home, that we've put so much of our personality into. In just over 12 months we've been privileged enough to be able to renovate so much of our home to create spaces we love and that excite us.

Each room in our home could tell a different tale about our individual and combined passions, our many travels over the years and our preferred tastes when it comes to colour. We always aimed to fill our home with the things that make us happy, with colours to express ourselves and with designs that allow us to live and utilise every inch of our space. Mission accomplished for us!

There's still a couple of rooms left to finish, as well as a few things to tweak here and there (I don't think homes are ever truly 'finished' really!) but overall we're so glad we made the decisions we made for our space because they suit us both down to a tea. 

So here's a happy blog post, full of positivity, about all the decisions we're so glad we made for our home!

You can follow our continued home journey over on Instagram here - Frowhome.

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Created Calm Spaces 

One of the most exciting and also invaluable things we did when we first bought our home, was to have a colour consultation with the team at Farrow & Ball. We had a few basic ideas when it came to the layout of our home such as switching up the use of certain rooms from the old layout and certain pieces of furniture from our old apartment that we were bringing with us, but when it came to knowing which colours would work best in which room, we were stumped. We knew what we liked but we didn't know what room would benefit from which colour palette. What was so amazing about having an outside eye look over our space, was the ability to harness an experts view on our rooms and how we wanted to feel in them. Our bedroom isn't a huge space but it has beautiful windows that allows the sunshine to pour in during the early evening hours. Our Farrow & Ball expert recognised this and along with our wish for a calm, serene space recommended we go for Wevet to keep the room bright, welcoming and more importantly the perfect place to relax and sleep. 

Used Bold Colours

As soon as we made an offer on our home, before it was ever fully ours, we began dreaming of a kitchen we'd spend most of our time in. From coffees together in the morning, to meals in the attached orangery, to hosting drinks parties around an island - we both wanted to create a space to be lived in and loved. From the second we found our amazing kitchen designers through friends, we knew we would love to incorporate a very 'on trend' dark shade as opposed to safer muted palettes. We definitely had our reservations though as we designed our island, thought about worktops, discussed hardware and even worked on our laundry room but we're now so glad we stepped out of our comfort zone a little. We took the plunge and asked the team at Coeur Kitchens to use Railings on our kitchen and it's easily our favourite room in the house. It has the perfect mix of modern and classic while feeling trendy but lived in - it's us down to a tee and feels right for our home, especially against strong veined quartz worktops.

Waited on Finishing Touches

There have been so many rooms we've been itching to finish but as is a home renovation while planning a wedding, building a business and then encountering a global pandemic all within 12 months - there have been lots of things we've had to wait on. It would have been very easy to have shopped around and bought artwork, room decor and smaller soft furnishings before rooms have even been painted, carpeted and furnished but waiting on those small touches, means the decisions have felt like the right ones. Waiting on adding the finishing touches in our home has meant we've reused decor from our old apartment, we've invested in unique artwork and photography recommended by friends and we've created rooms like our guest rooms, that feel fun and full of life. Good things most definitely come to those who wait!

Spent Hours on Pinterest

I know I know - we all spend hours on Pinterest, but we've really taken so much inspiration for our home from the amazing ideas and imagery you can find on the site. Not only have we seen our ideas brought into real life (sometimes no matter how much you describe what you want to a decorator/builder/handy man it can go wrong without an image haha) but we've also found beautiful ideas that other people have designed that we simply never would have thought worked without their creative touches. Our bold living room wall painted in Preference Red, our quartz corner shelves in the kitchen, our panelling in the bedroom and my dream closet design all stemmed from Pinterest light bulbs that we wove into our home. Searching and pinning for hours on Pinterest can sometimes feel overwhelming but the inspiration and encouragement you gain is priceless! If you want to follow me over on Pinterest you can join me here

Created Dream Spaces 

This was probably the most exciting part of renovating our home, choosing to create dream spaces out of the original floor plan. This isn't necessarily the home we'll spend the rest of our lives in, but we still know we'll spend many years here and we are privileged enough to be able to create our home to suit our lifestyle and our needs. We never thought we'd use a formal dining room and so we now have a beautiful home gym, we never thought we'd used too many guest rooms so we now have a home office (admittedly this needs to be used more or turned into a studio space - eek) and we never thought we'd use our attic room for our bedroom so know I have my dream closet. We took the plunge and designed and renovated a home that feels perfect for us and those dream spaces are the ones we love the most as we know how lucky we are to even be homeowners at all. 

I'm still so enjoying our home journey and would LOVE some more recommendations of exciting accounts to follow if you have any you really adore - let me know below if you have any to share! 

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