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My Favourite Fashion
of 2020

In amongst the masses of loungewear you've seen me sporting while we've been inside this year, there have still been other pieces in my wardrobe that I've worn over and over. Pieces that despite not necessarily seeing the light of day on commutes into London, date nights with Alex or visits back home to see my family, have made it into my 2020 outfits because they make me feel great. 

From reminding me how much I love fashion in amongst the moments lacking inspiration, to bringing comfort on days when things have seemed so lacking and even to bringing encouragement to my workouts, when I've simply not felt motivated to move. 

Although there isn't much to look back on over the last few months and remember fondly, when I do think what there is I think about the moments, people and hobbies that have brought some sunshine forward and fashion always finds a way inside for me. 

So here are a few of the pieces I'm so glad I added to my wardrobe so far this year (and the end of last!) and the others I can't wait to wear more, now that a small sense of normality is beginning to return.

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This Broderie Midi Dress

An incredibly kind gift from the owner of Self Portrait to celebrate the summer season and by far the most beautiful addition to my closet so far this year. As you know I am a huge lover of the Self Portrait brand and have been lucky enough to join the brand for several PR trips and events, as well as having the opportunity to get to know Han over the last few years. Donning a white dress when the sunshine finally graces us with its presence in England is the epitome of signalling the arrival of summer. Even better when it's as intricate and as beautiful quality as a Self Portrait number, you know it'll be a part of your wardrobe for so many seasons to come. You can shop this just released Broderie anglaise style midi dress here. (ad)

My Dream Hermès Kelly 28

Lucy (as I have named my beautiful vintage Hermès haha) has barely had the opportunity to see the light of day but I've already found myself thinking of the travels I'll take with her in the coming year and far beyond! Using her on planes, while commuting, in work meetings, date nights - the list is endless and that's exactly why I chose her in the first place. She's classic, a beautifully versatile shade of navy blue and will easily pair with my most casual of outfits as well as my most dressy. You can find out all about why I chose this 48 year old vintage Kelly to join my collection this year here and you may notice there's a beautiful new addition to her handle too which is a brand new Hermès twilly you can find in boutiques. 

This Insta Worthy Gym Look

Now admittedly, our beautiful gym full of fitted flooring, full length mirrors and machines that took months of research to locate the ideal space saving models have been sorely neglected throughout lockdown. We're so lucky to have a space to retreat to when we need to work out any stresses or simply go for a gentle jog while catching up on my favourite YouTubers, but sometimes it doesn't get the attention it deserves. However over the last few weeks, with Alex's encouragement (things are always better with someone to help aren't they?) we've started up a little daily gym routine and one of the things that pushes me to move when I least feel like it? New gymwear! Live The Process have some of not only the most gorgeous pieces but they're some of the most supportive I've found too. Panelling on their gym leggings, adjustable straps on their sports bras and ballet style tops if you'd like a little more coverage. You can shop Live The Process on sale here. (ad)

The Cosiest Cashmere Cardigan

If you'd have said to me 12 months ago that I would now own a small collection of cardigans I would have had quite the little chuckle. I've never been a fan of cardigans and if the season calls for something knitted I often opt for my beloved roll necks or chunky knitwear. Fast forward to early 2020 and if there's a chill in the air I'm reaching for either my chunky luxurious Balmain (a limited edition I'm afraid!), my sustainable affordable H&M choices or this absolutely perfect layering piece from my favourites at Duffy NY. Ideal when the sun dips below the clouds on summer evenings, to layer underneath a chic blazer to stay feeling put together and to grab on cosy evenings snuggled on the sofa with Alex. I opted for this classic grey with a signature pink accent on the neckline but it also comes in a bold blue that would pair incredibly with my favourite high waisted jeans. A key piece to transition between seasons, that I reach for often.

My Much Loved Jewellery

When loungewear and comfortable basics crept into my life for what seemed like the first time ever this March, there were a few ways I kept feeling like myself and one of the big ones was accessorising with my favourite jewellery. There are a multitude of brands I love from Bvlgari (ad) to Dior, Edge of Ember (ad) to Mejuri (ad) and Missoma (ad) to Sammi Maria - all of them incredible in their own styles and ways but what they have in common, is the way they leave me feeling like me. I love to layer chains, rarely don't wear a watch (Top tip - it means I can pick up my phone a little less during the day!), mix and match rings with my wedding bands and rotate earrings on a weekly basis, dependent on my mood. So unless I've been in the gym or I'm applying my tan, then you'll find me wearing mixed metals, mixed gems and mixed brands - always. 

The Versatile Basic Body

You'll often find my go to look pre lock down, during lockdown and I can guess post lockdown too is a basic fitted body teamed with high waisted jeans. It's a look I've worn often, a look that makes me feel great and a look that I know works for me - simple, casual and comfortable. I often choose more nude shades and go for a palette made up of pinks, nudes and tans and that's simply because I know they'll be versatile for so many looks. As stand alone pieces I love them, layered under crisp white shirts they add a touch of something extra and even tucked into linen shorts and skirts for a beach ready look, they work wonders. My current favourite is this Dior inspired body from Love Stories (ad) but for a fraction of the price. High quality ribbed material, cups to offer a little support and adjustable straps for comfortable wear. I'd say top 3 in my most worn pieces of 2020 so far.

My Beloved White Shirts

If you read last weeks blog post on versatile pieces of clothing you need in your wardrobe (if you didn't get chance to you can head over here) then you will know that top of the list of pieces I refuse to stop wearing are all of the white shirts in my wardrobe. From Everlane to H&M to Tommy Hilfiger I've found some beautiful shapes this season or two and I adore them all. Beach ready, meeting ready, commute ready - they scream versatility and whether you're a consumer like me or have more of a capsule style wardrobe, they're a must. My current favourite is this classic one from Tommy Hilfiger (ad) in the most beautiful soft cotton with a slightly boxy hem and scooped splits to the sides. And even better than it being the perfect white shirt? It's now on sale too! 

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