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Let me preface this second How To in 10 run down with the fact that quality will always be better than quantity when it comes to social media, but reach and impressions are the key to getting your name and brand out there.

If you're running a business and have a social media presence too, to be able to consistently grow and reach a large audience can be the difference between success or simply staying afloat. Of course growing your following is just a fraction of the battle when you consider your content should be a mix of engaging, informative, entertaining and inspiring but it can be a great base for any business - big or small.

So here's my take, advice and tips on how to grow your social media following after amassing over 2 million combined followers across my platforms.  

How To in 10.

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How To Grow Millions of Followers Online

1. You can grow your following on any social media platform out there whether that be your own Blog, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube etc but take note that it can sometimes be more difficult to grow your following on more established and saturated platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. There is no wave and influx of new followers as the masses join those platforms, like you may find over on TikTok currently. 

2. If you are finding growth on the older and more saturated platforms difficult, don't beat yourself up. On a personal note as someone who has owned certain platforms for over 8 years now, my current growth is hit and miss but my newest Frowhome account has surged to 100k followers in only 8 months. There will always be hurdles.

3. Consistency - You will hear this everywhere and from so many people but that's because it's such an important, proven tip. It's relevant across all channels but to be consistent in positing daily (especially with bite size content on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok) and posting regularly (with long form content) is not to be ignored. 

4. Engage - Engage and chat to the people who have chosen to follow your journey and especially so if they've taken the time out of their day to message you. On a personal note even with hundreds of messages a day on Instagram and hundreds of comments weekly on YouTube, I try my very best to get back to as many as my working hours will allow. Realise that the beauty of social media is the ability to engage and chat directly with people in an instant. We all have access to the people we choose to follow and being present and accessible allows you to be a help and to give a human face to your following, no matter if you're a brand or an individual.

5. Quality - Ensure that you're publishing content that is of a high quality. This will mean different things for different types of content but posting content that you're proud of no matter if that means a selfie, an editorial image or a flat-lay will always shine through to the audience. It's a huge part of growing an engaged following.

6. Niches - It may take a while to settle into a content rhythm and especially one that's unique to you, but when you do you'll start to build your brand aesthetic. The content you make should be something you're passionate about, as well as a coherent style that people will learn to associate with you.

7. Trends - We see so many trends snowballing across social media platforms and if you're early enough you can create content that follows a trend with your own unique spin that may land you on the follow page. It also gives you the opportunity to grow your following through algorithm based suggestions to a new audience. 

8. Hashtags - It may seem like such an 'old school' thing to incorporate into your content but from recent experience I've found that tagging my content on my newest Frowhome account, has really helped. It could be something as simple as tagging a brand name that allows someone to discover you if they're looking for some style inspo but definitely give them a chance.

9. Listen - Use your audience's feedback wisely. Listen to the feedback they're giving you, both positive and constructive, and analyse the things they're telling you through your statistics too. Keep an eye on your comments, likes, messages and even how much your content is being shared, it may reinforce what you're choosing to create and/or it might inspire you to change things up. 

10. Timing - If you are considering posting for an international following it may be a case of a little trial and error to pinpoint when is best for you to post. Posting too early or too late may mean you are not uploading at the optimum time for a considerable amount of your audience to engage with your content.


And if you have any recommendations or suggestions of topics you'd like to know more about, let me know below. I'd love to film some more episodes that will entertain, help or inform you right now :)

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