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How to Recreate
Date Night

Is anyone else feeling completely and utterly stuck in a rut some nights after they've finished work? On one hand having more of a routine in my life is helping me to feel motivated to work hard but on the other, it's also helping me to realise how often I took for granted all the small things Alex and I love doing as a couple.

Heading to our local pub to sit and chat over drinks, organising a date night and heading into London together for the evening or even simply spending the afternoon strolling around our local shops and stopping for lunch. The everyday dates, the going 'out out' dates and the memorable anniversary dates - all time spent as a couple that can be so easily taken for granted and equally missed in the current climate.

Without those opportunities it's been so easy to feel in a rut and so after seeing a few other people do some #stayhome date nights, I thought we could go one step further and recreate our favourite date night to spend some quality time together as a couple.

Our 10 year anniversary and Alex's 30th birthday date night on a Maldivian beach at sunset might not be the easiest choice to replicate in our kitchen at Frowhome, but I'm definitely going to try! 

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Plan Ahead

No matter which date night you're thinking about recreating, think back to the one that means the most to the both of you. Is it the den on the floor of the living room watching your favourite films that tops the list? Or maybe the delicious Italian food from your favourite local restaurant? Could it be the very first date you ever had over cocktails together that made a mark? Or maybe the day you said I do just can't be beaten? If there's one that beats them all, then have a think which parts of it you've got chance to replicate at home. For me it's the drinks, the food and the gorgeous company from that last night in the Maldives, so I'll be planning some chilled prosecco, a beautiful fish curry (or maybe a well timed Pasta Evangelists delivery so I don't have to cook?) and of course it goes without saying, a handsome husband. 

Take Some 'You' Time

I think with working together from home and spending all of our time together in-between, we've both forgotten what it's like to make the time for a date with each other. Not only is the date itself a memorable experience, a huge part of it for me is the getting ready process. Locking myself away in the bathroom with a bubble bath, a glass of wine and some time to relax is just the first step of the night and the best piece of self care during this uncertain time too. Then taking the time to put my favourite makeup on, choose an outfit for the night (even if I'll be teaming it with my favourite Ugg slippers (ad) and not white sand between my toes this time) and perfect the evenings playlist. All steps to recreate one of our favourite memories together and get in the mood for a date night with an at home twist.

Set The Scene

Just because I can't bring a 3 course meal on the most idyllic beach I've ever seen into our home, doesn't mean I can't make it special with some 'us' touches. I'm thinking lightning the Dior candles we brought home from our wedding in the orangery, a playlist full of both of our favourite songs on our new Beosound Balance (ad) and maybe even an at home bar filled with our favourite tipples would be so much fun too. We're just missing an amazing bar tender but Alex might have to step into that role for us for just one night. I just love the idea of mixing things up right now and recreating a special date night at home so I hope you'll join us - virtually of course! Have some fun, make some memories and spend some quality time together - and if you're single? Treat yourself to a date night too with a lovely long pamper, your favourite food and a film you don't have to okay with anyone else before you stream it; heaven!


I hope this gives you a little inspiration to spend some quality time together with the one you might be accidentally taking for granted right now, in the midst of everything. Put your phone away, grab your favourite bottle of wine and dance the night away in the kitchen together x

Images taken at the beautiful Joali Maldives resort back in February.
For more info on this incredible resort you can read all about it here

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