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It's happened - I've become a TikTok addict. I've spent the last few weeks down TikTok rabbit holes and in the midst of all the negativity and heaviness surrounding social media lately, I've found myself feeling inspired to create all over again.

I'm sure my friends are all exhausted from me sending them every video that's caught my attention lately but I feel like I've been spreading so much joy sharing my favourites with them that I won't be stopping anytime soon - sorry guys!

From laughing so much I think I'll have given myself quite the set of abs soon, to discovering viral dances I'm trying to force Alex to learn with me, to unexpectedly discovering all of the fashion and outfit inspiration - TikTok has become a real breath of fresh air. 

So here are the my top 6 people to follow on TikTok right now if you want to add some cool fashion content to your social media scrolling and to your commute like me.

Happy TikTok-ing!


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Chriselle Lim

If you've been with me for any length of time you probably already know how much I love Chriselle. She is the ultimate boss and leads the pack for content creators to know they are more than just their online presence. She recently created a TikTok account and let me tell you I could watch her videos over and over and over and... you get the idea! She's transitioned seamlessly over to the platform with her stylish persona and amazing sense of humour and if you missed her recent viral 'Rich Mom' moment get ready to laugh! 

Brittany Xavier 

Brittany has the best approach when it comes to fashion on TikTok and I love seeing her upload so many looks to the platform in one easy to consume video. Her wearable outfit ideas and ways to wear specific pieces, all wrapped up with an insight into her travels, have me hooked and searching for her newest uploads daily. A definite inspiration on how to move over to a new platform and still rock what you're passionate about in the process of trying something new and on trend.

Camila Coehlo

I would very much like to be Camila if that's at all possible and her TikTok only goes to prove why I think that way! She is the most effortless fashionista on Instagram already, with a real eye for what's trending and how to make it wearable while simultaneously stepping outside of your comfort zone. And now she's taken that passion and successful migrated over to TikTok too. I love to see her sweet personality shining through and her videos with her multiple fashion week looks are some of my favourite TikTok styles to watch. 

Janice Joostema

I couldn't not share Janice's TikTok with you, she honestly makes my life a whole lot brighter being in it. Not only is she a dear friend of mine but her style often makes me drool and click 'add to wishlist' a little too often. Along with a dress sense I could only dream of (think edgy, sexy and chic all at the same time) you'll see little snippets of her beautiful personality and sense of humour shining through. And anyone who adores dogs as much as Janice does is always welcome on my TikTok!

Ali Gordon

If you have a TikTok account and you're not already following Ali, what have you been doing with your time?! If you're lucky enough to have discovered him on Instagram you'll know just how incredibly creative he is and now he's taken those talents over to TikTok too. I honestly wish I was even half as imaginative as Ali and even as a female fashion creator, I still get so much inspiration from his style and the way he puts together his looks. And if you're lucky you might also spot Lumi the Bengal too!

Lydia Rose aka Fashioninflux

Lydia was so ahead of the game when it came to snappy short form content over on Instagram with her viral fashion hack videos, that it feels like TikTok was created just for her. She has such a chic put together fashion sense and her uploads over on TikTok follow the same vein. I could watch her videos for hours and if you want style inspiration that you can go out and try for yourself direct from the high street, you'll love her just as much as I do.

And I promise my own TikToks are coming soon - you can follow me here!

Images taken outside the Emporio Armani AW20 show in Milan. 

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