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Believe in Yourself.
Be Your Own Idôle

This is a paid for advertorial in collaboration with Lancôme

In a world where we choose to look to social media to find inspiration, influence and encouragement, it's time for us to make a change. We are the future, and we need only look to ourselves to find the strength and belief we need to visualise, to progress, to achieve - to be our own idol. 

To celebrate the launch of Lancôme Idôle, the brand's new Eau de Parfum, I was challenged to discover my own mantra and to decipher what it truly means to me. What it means to empower, to dream and to be my own idol.

My motto, my mantra, my rallying cry - belief

It all starts with believing in yourself.
If you don't believe you can;
you'll never try. 

W e  A r e  T h e  F u t u r e 

I've long been a vocal supporter of celebrating your own accomplishments. Ensuring you don't give in to the dreaded imposter syndrome and following a path of your own choosing, rather than following the blueprint created by others. Being your own idol and your own cheerleader, means the realisation that we have the ability to empower ourselves, as well as others. Lancôme's challenge has allowed me to see that I'm unstoppable - so long as I believe in myself. Belief allows us to dream, it allows us to set goals for those dreams and it allows us to succeed as we work towards dreams becoming a reality. We are so quick to adhere to the 'rules' that have been long engrained in us to avoid being 'arrogant' or coming across as 'selfish' but we should be just as quick to translate that behaviour into self confidence, well deserved praise and the tenacity to succeed. 

So why belief? For me it's the starting point for all of my best work and dreams. It's the centre of my confidence and it's the first step towards any of my successes. I love to feel inspired and to be encouraged by others but it truly is my own belief in myself that kickstarts my creativity. It's time for us to start realising how invaluable our own self belief is and just how important our own vision is. Just as the rose is Lancôme's symbol of legacy and hope, I challenge you to discover your symbol and mantra of strength?

So what is your personal mantra? Your vision of the future? Your rallying cry for the new era? 

We are the future.
We are strength.
We are belief.
We are unapologetic.
We are rule breakers.

W e  a r e  o u r  o w n  I d ô l e s

L a n c ô m e  I d ô l e  

Lancôme's newest release has been created to represent a new 'clean' take on the classic rose - reinvention at it's most beautiful. The flower that encompasses Lancôme's own heart and has represented the brand since it's conception. A new floral scent that not only shines bright in a sea of fragrances but one that has a multitude of depth in it's creation. The empowering task of bringing the Lancôme rose back to life was entrusted to three of the world's top creators: Shyamala Maisondieu, Nadège Le Garlantezec & Adriana Medina. Each expert was tasked with the creation of the fragrance layers and together they birthed what is now sure to be, the iconic Lancôme Idôle. Three incredible talents combining their true love, expertise and passion to develop a scent that is as powerful as it is feminine and as delicate as it is confident.

"Created by women, for every woman."

Top Notes: Bergamot essence
Heart: Rose essence, Rose absolute & Rose water, Jasmine infusion & Jasmine absolute
Base Notes: Patchouli heart essence, Cedar essence, Vanilla extract

The fragrance itself is housed in the most beautifully chic bottle that stands out as exceptionally modern, yet classic all at once. Designed by architect and designer Chafik Gasmi the Idôle bottle stands alone and powerfully as one of the slimmest in the world - just 15 mm thick. A small halo in the centre of the bottle allows for ease of use and the design itself is made to adapt to our lives. Balanced and harmonious this creation is travel friendly, user friendly and everyday friendly.

You will be able to reuse and refill your Idôle fragrance at at least 200 Lancôme counters across the UK and Ireland for a discounted price. Only proving to enhance the scents unique development and encasement, Lancôme has ensured that this new era of scenting is not only committed to transparency but allows for ethically sourced ingredient traceability too.*

*As part of L'Oréal's socially productive purchasing program, "Solidarity Sourcing", created to put the momentum of the group for social inclusion, Lancôme benefits from exclusive raw materials, custom-crafted for its fragrances through sustainable supply chains or those currently awaiting certification by an independent organization. One of these, the Rose, essential to the fragrance signature of Idôle, is also the subject of a development project supported by Lancôme of which the objective is to improve the positive impact of the supply chain on a social, economic and environmental scale.

Lancôme refuse to compromise between the fragrance quality of our creations and the protection of the natural resources and people who produce them.

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