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Is It Time For

When this industry first burst into the limelight with the OG set of fashion bloggers almost 10 years ago, it inspired myself and so many others to develop a place and an outlet for some of our favourite passions. From fashion to beauty and lifestyle to travel - we've all allowed our platforms to change with us as we've grown. But what's next?

We've seen blogs transition from a supplemental form of advertising to a much more editorial and in demand, stand alone form of marketing. Gone are the days that blogging was just a side hobby and now is the time that bloggers and influencers are teaming up with established brands, as their first form of promotion. 

One of the most common messages and questions I receive is either 'Is it too late to start my own blog?' or 'Is the industry saturated already?'. In short? I think the answer's no.

Here's why I think blogs are still an important part of helping you to be recognised as more than an influencer, and why I prioritise my blog content so highly after 7 years in the game. 

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Is the blogging world saturated?

In 7 years the look of my blog has changed so drastically it's almost unrecognisable from the review filled pages of Inthefrow as it was circa 2012. I pride myself on a wide range of content from styling and trend tips all the way through to my most recent wedding diaries and soon to be home content too. Inthefrow is an extension of not only my brand name but of me personally. A huge reason why for me anyway - the blogging world isn't saturated. Yes it's busy and it may not always be some brands first port of call above the instantaneous world of Instagram, but there's definitely a place for more editorial long form content, as a way to push the boundaries and show off your creativity and individuality. Any content creation is about allowing your personality to shine through and my blog affords me that unique platform, more than any other social media outlet does. I think there will always be room for new bloggers and fresh content not only to keep the industry moving but to continue to inspire all of us to work harder than ever before. 

Why prioritise your blog?

I've spoken often about why I still invest so much focus, money and work into my blog and that's primarily because I own Inthefrow. The demise of Vine showed us how quickly social media platforms can go from thriving to disappearing and owning my own site that I have total control over, is something I will never take for granted. Inthefrow allows me to express my creativity, push the boundaries and connect with people more closely than other platforms sometimes allow me to. It's allowed me to transition from a review based platform into a much more editorial space that continues to evolve and transition as I do. The equipment I've invested in, the time I take to be consistent with my posts and the love I put into ensuring everything I create is of a quality I'm happy with, is all because this platform is mine and will continue to be, long after other socials may fall away. There is always a time and a place for content produced with Instagram and YouTube in mind, but producing long form content on the blog always feels like coming home to a comfortable yet exciting space.

What's the next step for blogs? 

Just as blogs have become outlets for personal sides to people as well as chicer content over the years, it's exciting to think about where the next few years will take them. The sites that inspire me are the ones that encompass innovative designs, great quality content and the ability to connect with me through their passions and insights into topics that keep my attention. A perfect mix that is unique to each blogger and another reason why the blogosphere surely isn't at saturation point. If you have a love for content creation and the time to dedicate to a blog, there's no reason why you can't take the plunge and share your niche with the world. We may not be able to guess what's next for the world of blogging, especially with some content creators prioritising short form content, but I know that whatever path it takes we'll embrace it just as we have in the past. 

I'd love to know as a reader, a creator or even both how you feel right now about blogging and the spaces we call our own? Do you feel as comfortable here as I do and how do you see the next transition happening for us? Do you think in 5 years time we'll still be growing and developing or do you think the blogosphere will have already changed so significantly, it'll once again be unrecognisable? Are you considering joining the community and creating your own space? Let me know below, let's chat!


Images taken during a press trip in France with the Laura Mercier team - celebrating the launch of their new Caviar Mascara as worn in above images. 

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