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Bodyism Brides:
My Bridal Update

Around 3 months ago I was offered a complimentary membership to Bodyism and while in the throws of wedding planning and struggling to balance everything well enough, I jumped at the chance to try it out! Since Christmas it's been quite hectic with wedding planning, travel, buying our first home and my usual working week - I have discovered a lot, including the fact I am not wonder woman and I in fact cannot do everything! 

Cue the wonderful team at Bodyism introducing me to what they stand for and what a membership with them is all about. I think it's natural when you find any company that revolves around fitness and lifestyle to approach it with a healthy level of skepticism, mainly to ensure you find out if it's the right path for you, but looking back on the past 3 months, it's quite easy to see that Bodyism has been the perfect pathway that I was looking for. 

Even just their tagline gives you an idea of why it could be the right choice for you:

'Be kind to yourself'.

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I've spoken a lot since getting engaged about how I personally want to be feeling my best when I walk down the aisle and that doesn't involve anything drastic. No crash diets, no huge lifestyle changes and certainly not bowing to the seemingly automatic pressure to go on a wedding diet. I've always believed everything in moderation is the best way to go and that being too restrictive isn't a long term path anyone can follow. Life is short and enjoying the right amount of balance, for me anyway, is key! I want to be able to have a healthy relationship with food and commit to enjoyable workouts that I can hopefully fit around my working schedule. That's my ideal long term plan in the run up to the wedding and beyond and Bodyism has so far been a huge help with that. 

From my very first visit when I undertook a Body Oracle, I felt very strongly that I was not only being listened to but also that my mental health was just as important as my physical health. We discussed my current health, my overall goals, the way I moved during exercise, my relationship with food, how I see myself and we undertook some precise measurements about what percent body fat I hold. From there it meant I could receive my blueprint which told me in detail what my Bodyism journey could entail. A look at eating varied foods such as good fats, items rich in antioxidants and foods that will boost my energy overall. Also a look at my aims for becoming stronger and ensuring I build muscle effectively and also tackle exercise 'correctly' based on how I move and what I enjoy doing. And importantly, the ways I can be kinder to myself.

You never regret a workout and that's especially been true of Bodyism. In honesty, the thought of getting to my 9am classes filled me with excitement and a get up and go attitude, rather than the feelings I would get before taking myself to the gym. I adore every moment there, from the smiles when I walk in to the incredible teaching. Knowing I'll have worked out with a trainer I know who knows what I'm capable of, possibly had chance to indulge in a cellulite massage (be warned this isn't comfortable but you feel and look incredible afterwards!), took part in a class I know I enjoy and/or picked up a protein smoothie on the way home from the Bodyism café. It's definitely turned my exercise dread into an enjoyable experience that I know is doing both my mind and body the world of good in the run up to the wedding.

My personal favourites so far have been the group pilates sessions, the one on one reformer pilates sessions with Nathalie and Grace, the group sculpt sessions, the Brazilian Cellulite massages with Nubia and of course the complimentary shakes you receive after a PT session. In fact I buy a smoothie every time I go to a class now. It's been so easy to book in classes and sessions on the app around my work and even easier to switch things around if life happens - which of course it always does! I feel like I've learnt so much about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, integrating a healthy mindset into my long term plans and even just how crucial a good night's sleep is to my health. I feel far happier and far more prepared to tackle the stresses of a wedding than I did just a couple of months ago. 

When I last mentioned I was starting at Bodyism in one of my Wedding Diaries posts (you can read that post here) I wrote about how because of my partnership with them, we were working on a bridal package together. They had already had a package in mind that involved all the things a bride would want to feel great in the lead up to her wedding and rather excitingly they've just announced what the full package involves. A great mix of PT sessions, group classes, personalised supplements, a skin consultation and much more and you can even add on things like extra PT bundles and sports massages. It's a really fantastic bundle to get you ready for your wedding day, with some real perks in there exclusive to the package. You can find out more about it by scrolling down, visiting their Instagram here or also by emailing [email protected] to ask the team more. 


  • - 3 months Bodyism membership
  • - 1 x Body Oracle upon joining 
  • - 10 x complimentary group classes per month (30 total)
  • - 3 x complimentary PT sessions
  • - Customised training programme
  • - 1 x complimentary skin consultation 
  • - Monthly progress check-ins with head trainer
  • - 3 x Bodyism supplements upon joining
  • - 10% off supplements  and café

Price: £1500 for 3 months

Extra Add Ons

  • - Extend the membership for £500 per month afterwards
  • - PT and class bundles (contact the team for more info)
  • - Body shaping and sports massage bundles
  • - Personalised facials and treatment packages 

Price: Dependent on bundle amount 

You can find out more about the package by heading into Bodyism too and asking the girls on the desk. Visiting their Instagram here or also by emailing [email protected] to ask the team more. 


This post is not sponsored but as mentioned above I was very kindly gifted a complimentary membership at Bodyism that I've been using regularly over the past 3 months. 

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