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We found a
French venue!

I think we might almost be there... and then I hit another brick wall. Who knew that planning a wedding was such a rollercoaster!

The Look


What a week.

Amongst reading over numerous  mortgage and house deed information (yep we might have found a house), I also went for a chat yesterday with a wedding venue. I think we’ve found it. It’s ideal - still in Provence and that perfect mixture of rustic whilst stunningly beautiful. We can dance all night outside, we can cover the building in lights and we can eat and get married outside; so my biggest desires are ticked off.

All we are going to do is visit the venue fully to double check it’s definitely as perfect as we imagine. I say we but I mean Annabel - my wedding planner - she works for Profirst, a global events agency and therefore she’s perfect for me as she knows how to create one hell of an event better than anyone. And we’ve already talked about the weird and wonderful things we want adding to this wedding or ‘event’ as it’s becoming somehow haha. So I can’t wait to see this come together.

So after falling into a real pit a few weeks ago, struggling to find a house and feeling so rubbish about the venue hunt, I’m feeling extremely positive about both! I literally was ready for calling off the wedding I felt so low. But we’ve had a real turning point the last few weeks and now I’m back on top of everything and happier than ever. I’ll report back as soon as we sign the dotted line on the venue!

I also then will be able to instruct my stationer, Design by Pye, to get the beautiful invites we have waiting in the wings sent out and get people booked onto some flights finally! Then I can take a big sign of relief.

What other updates do I have, let’s see. *raises pen/finger to lip to think*

I’ve booked my bridesmaids in for a fitting appointment at Pronovias to look at their beautiful dresses selection. All my girls are around the globe, and there are 7 of them. Unfortunately Rebecca won’t be able to make it over from Chicago I don’t think, but the other 6 have all organised to come down in May so we can have a full morning trying on. I’ve got a dress in mind that I’ve fallen for and I can’t wait to see how they feel about it. I want to keep it a surprise until the big day, but the dress selection is an actual dream so there are many dresses that could potentially work overall.

Then for suits, I think that Alex and his Groomsmen will be going for Ted Baker. Their tailoring service is such a lovely touch and Alex personally adores their tailoring. Mainly for things like their cool linings that make the pieces really unique. Plus after the work I’ve done with Ted Baker in the past and what amazing relationships I have with them, it feels like a really special fit. But I’ll let you know if we do end up going for it.

Ohh yes, and I’ve found the most beautiful designer who creates bespoke bridal robes - Daphne Newman. They’re beautiful silk and in some stunning shades of ivory through to pink and you’re able to make a style bespoke if you prefer. And so I’m designing a robe for myself plus one each for my 7 girls. And I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Ive also organised my entertainment, somewhat, as well as my florist, cake baker, scenting, dresses, makeup artists (omg I can’t actually wait to tell you) and my hair stylist (again I couldn’t be happier). So you know what, I’m doing okay. And the more I realise how much is getting organised, regardless of no venue (lol), the more I can relax a touch.

Things I’m doing soon though will include:

  • Getting my shoes organised for me and my girls.
  • Helping my Mum with her outfit choices.
  • Sending out Invites finally
  • Organising coaches to the venue for guests
  • Organising favours for guests
  • Choosing presents for my bridesmaids
  • Helping Alex organise his presents for the boys.
  • Organising my jewellery for the wedding.
  • And that reminds me - I need wedding bands don’t I!


Don’t get too excited.

I feel like everything has been jinxed by me writing the above. But we now have slight concerns for our venue - due to the brexit beast. We’re not sure whether brexit will affect certain staff members or people we hire from working our wedding in August due to Brexit. Everyone may need visas, which is fine, but what if they can’t get them in time. Or there are issues with getting them. And so, the venue is once again on the back burner. I almost had a mental breakdown when we got this news... but Annabel thinks that there will be nothing to worry about due to the cooling off transition period for Brexit. Nothing will be done overnight and apparently could take 21months. So actually we should be totally fine. If you work in politics or law and know anything about this - please please send me a message and let me know if you know anymore info on this. Will UK people need French visas to work at a wedding in France at the end of August. Please give me some good news here?!? Surely peoples weddings all over the world will be affected by this if not.

Just really can’t catch a break on this thing can I.

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