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My First Bridal

It's been hectic recently, what with not having a wedding venue and the potential date already being August 30th. I say potential, but now I've actually asked all my guests if they can make that weekend, I will only be moving it if we hit dire straits - keep your fingers crossed! And so, time is ticking and I need to get on, but at least one thing is perfectly organised and that is my bridal-wear. 

You may remember me saying that the incredible Phillipa Lepley is creating my perfect wedding dress for me and I couldn't be happier. Her designs are truly something else and I couldn't think of any designer I'd rather wear at my actual wedding ceremony. I just feel so proud that she wanted to create the most special dress of my life for me. Yesterday was finally time to go for my first fitting and measurements appointment, and I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face all morning!

Let me tell you about Phillipa. She is an absolute ray of sunshine; a ball of energy and happiness! She exudes positivity and sophistication and I felt we immediately connected during my first appointment. She just makes me feel at ease, so looked after, extremely welcome and simply, just so excited for the process. Her excitement for her own designs just radiates! I wanted my dress making process to be something to remember, so as soon as I met Phillipa, I knew that it was her that I wanted to spend the next few months working with to design my perfect dress. Yes, I could have looked at other brands and other dresses, and who knows maybe I may have found even more that I adored. But you know, as soon as I put on my future dress, in her beautiful South Kensington boutique, I just felt that it was right. I didn't want to continue looking and I knew; this was it. 

Thursday 14th February

So this was it, my first bridal fitting. I headed into the store in my favourite bra and had my measurements taken for my bespoke, tailored dress of dreams. Every single angle of my body was measured, so that the team can create the calico toile of my dress. They also started to create the unique corset, that goes into every Phillipa Lepley gown. This is why every dress you will try will be the most incredible fitted piece of clothing you will ever wear. You're pulled into a corset that perfectly fits your body and bust - so there's no need for a bra and your figure will look better than ever before. It's just those details that make Phillipa's dresses beautifully couture and unbelievably special and the reason why I'm so excited for the process!

Also, Kyle Galvin came with me - to document everything as we have something exciting in store - to look forward to after the wedding of course. So he also took these pictures for me so I could remember this day - thank you Kyle!


Friday 15th February

Hold your horses, I think we may have found a venue!!! Cross those fingers!!!

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