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Doing things Differently in

I might still be in bed at 9.30am (what are Sunday's made for), but I have this new fire in my belly that I wanted to share. I keep getting this fuzzy, excited feeling inside whenever I think of this year and the ways I'm going to change up my work flow to make life a little more manageable. So I'm super inspired, and in a number of ways.

For a start, since when did I lie in on a Sunday - Sundays for me are usually made for last minute video filming, editing, tidying, cleaning and uploading my Sunday video. And truthfully, more videos will be on their way soon. But for the last few weeks I've had this new mentality that I feel is probably a really good thing for me. A new headspace where I have finally decided that I do in fact need to give myself some more time off. More me time. I know we throw this sentence around a lot, and I would always preach the idea of us all requiring some 'me time' - but in actual fact, I was probably lying to myself. My 'Me time' was probably a bath at 10.30 after pulling myself from the computer. Or patting myself on the back for not looking at my phone for an hour. I was in denial. But something's changed for me.

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I don't know if it's because I'm getting married this year, or because I'm also desperate to buy a house, and therefore I'm realising that other things absolutely must come before work now. And therefore my priorities are finally beginning to shift. OR, perhaps I hit that burn out phase that everyone has warned me of and now I'm like 'yea, I'll work hard, but I'm not killing myself for this any longer.'

So I have a few new routines and rules I've added into my weekly mix. But truthfully, I also don't think I've hit the blast off button quite yet on 2019. I'm still on a high from an amazing trip to Dubai over NYE and also a quick ski trip to St Moritz which we arrived home from on Friday. I haven't yet started filming my usual fashion videos or started back at meetings - and so I feel a little dazed and confused still. I have that all to look forward to tomorrow though, when my 2019 really will be kicked right into full speed.

But for when that happens, I feel like I'm ready. I'm uber inspired and I'm doing things differently.

1. Travelling Less. I know I said this last year, but with how busy I find myself (very luckily) keeping up a full travel diary is tiring to say the least. You're never in the same time zone to speak to your managers about your next project, you're always jetlagged, you never have a set routine, I can't workout in the way I want to, I can't eat the things I need to, I can't be on my laptop 24/7 getting things done and emails sent, I can't go for meetings and I generally just can't move ahead with the things I need to do. It might sound like a nice problem to have, but for a workaholic, I find myself panicking about everything I need to get finished back home and work myself into a frenzy. Of course whilst enjoying the trip mind you. Every trip I went on, all 36 last year, were beyond incredible and wow do I feel lucky. But it did mean that my work flow was up and down throughout the year. I feel that this year, with less travel and more focus on the huge projects I really want to get stuck into, travelling less is certainly top of my list for giving me the time I really need.

2. Taking days out to work. Usually I would cram meetings into every single minute of the week. Sometimes leaving the house for one or two meetings only, and then coming home to feel unproductive and the day almost a touch wasted. And so I have decided to take Mondays and Fridays as my 'Desk Days.' My assistant and my managers have been instructed and I am all set to never take meetings on those days. They are my days to always be in the house, working on emails, writing, filming and editing. No intrusions or interruptions. No makeup, no heels - just working. And a morning gym session. And I am really excited for this slight change to my week. It'll give me a routine to work out and it will give me actual time to get everything in order.

3. Fashion Week. My most loved and yet my most difficult time of the year. Fashion month in Feb and September is a huge huge feat. It takes up 4/5 weeks in four cities and after attending all four weeks of fashion month for the last few seasons, I feel burnt out even just thinking about doing it all again in February. It's unbelievably inspiring for me, and I could not feel prouder than sitting front row at the shows of my favourite brands, but it's a lot of work, late nights and continuous socialising that can take its toll after the first week is up. You have to be 'on' none stop. No down time, barely any time to edit, just go go go. Next car, next outfit, next show, next meal, next party, sleep, next outfit, more makeup, new hair. It truly is a dream to attend but it's a lot of hard work and the organisation it takes is astounding. Fittings, hotels, planes, cars, shows. There is just a lot of moving pieces to organise into a fashion week jigsaw to make it run more smoothly. And thank goodness for my assistant Rebecca who last season worked her arse off to make sure my hotels were booked and I had outfits for every show - with one of her trusty spreadsheets that I love her dearly for.

There are very few British girls who do the fashion month rounds, in fact I can't think of more than maybe 2 including myself, but I love it, and it's definitely not something I'd want to stop doing soon. But please, when you're looking through your instastories feed in February and see your fave bloggers at fashion week shows, please don't roll your eyes at seeing so much of it. It's taken those people some serious graft to get there and they want to share it. SO this is my point- this year I'm being kinder to myself. Attending less shows, with the brands who really do care about me personally and enjoy the work I do, not just attending the shows I would love to see, but to ensure that the shows I do watch and share are the most inspiring for me and for you.

4. Workouts. After all the New Year New Me posts you're probably sick of this, but this is where I'm at with this. I always try to stay healthy. But the last few months I made more excuses to eat badly than I ever have before. It was around 4 months since I had a gym session, before I started working out again recently. It's affecting the way I think about myself and look at myself and I just want to feel healthy and happy again. So I'm back to a workout routine - which I mentioned in point 2. I'm hopefully starting personal training sessions soon as well as regular classes at somewhere like Bodyism, Heartcore or Barrecore - I haven't yet decided as they're all so brilliant. But I'll also be carrying on with the gym. I hope to do at least four sessions/classes a week, whilst continuing to eat no meat, no dairy and minimal sugars. You literally are what you eat, and I just want my skin, my bones and my insides to feel energised and full of nutrients. Just healthy from the inside out.



How about you? What are you changing for 2019 to kick things up a gear? Or maybe you don't want to make any changes because you're content as you are. I'm looking forward to getting to that point in my life where I have things all figured out.

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