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How I try to
Stay Healthy

I travel a lot. A lot a lot. I can barely keep up with my own calendar some weeks and it definitely isn't the easiest to be healthy when there are so many plane journeys and so much amazing food to try.

A lot of magazines will have you believe there are quick fix tricks and secrets that you need to be privy to to stay healthy - but the truth is... there really isn't!

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Firstly we need to accept that healthy is different for everyone. Genetically we are all different shapes and sizes, and our bodies all react differently to food, exercise, stress and all that is in-between. The sooner we accept that no amount of exercise will increase our bra size 3 cups, that crazy 'dieting' is not a path we should take and that our mental health impacts our physical health too - we can start on our healthy journey.

Secondly we need to accept that our journey to healthy will be just as different as our definition of healthy too. I always advocate the use of inspiration from others successes but don't let those successes dictate your goals and paths. Take inspiration and encouragement from someone else's body positivity but don't think that what is right for them is necessarily right for you.

So here they are. My not so secret tips on staying healthy right now. Hopefully there's a little inspiration to keep up with some 'healthier' goals here and even better, hopefully there's also some inspiration to do things your own way and in your own time. Oh and if you want that pizza tonight? Go for it!


My main 'rule' in life is everything in moderation. You really can't go wrong with leading a more healthy life if you apply this rule throughout your everyday. From food, to exercise, to alcohol - everything in moderation will keep you feeling great in more ways than one. The issue I think I used to have is that I would deny myself what I would refer to as 'treats'. I would think "I've already had a chocolate bar/pizza/takeaway this week" but in reality denying myself what I'm craving, when it really isn't over indulging, is in no way breaking the moderation rule. Denying myself also leaves me craving it even more and more likely to over indulge in the end anyway. I always think, so long as I try to balance everything out, then why shouldn't I enjoy that delicious pizza or that scrumptious dessert. Life is too short! But I must admit, if you are someone with amazing willpower (which I vastly lack), if you're able to give up just one of your vices, whether that's the alcohol throughout the week, or not as many sweets during the week, it will really make a difference to that balance.


I touched on this in my 5 Ways To get Beach Holiday Ready post a few weeks ago and it's definitely one of my all important tips, no matter if you're off on holiday or just sat at your desk on a normal working week, upping your water intake has huge benefits. From improving your skin, maintaining your weight and boosting your energy, all things that will keep you feeling and looking healthy. I try so hard to remember to drink water throughout the day, from the second I wake up to to just before bed. Not only do I notice immediately if I'm dehydrated but I find it so hard to concentrate too. Lack of concentration equals becoming the queen of procrastination for me and I'm far more likely to eat sugary snacks than be encouraged to fuel my mind with the energy it needs. Also, if you're craving snacks, try drinking a small glass of water first. In most cases, you're actually thirsty, not hungry and it's your body telling you it really needs hydrating.


I truly love exercise, it's something I know that even if I don't particularly want to do, that afterwards I'll feel so much better, especially mentally. If I push myself to go exercise, whether it be a swim, a walk, a 20 minutes gym session it clears my mind, helps with any anxiety I might have stored up and completely and utterly leaves me feeling like I could conquer the world. Now when I say exercise when you can, I definitely don't mean you have to go from 0-100 and start 5 HIIT session a week all of a sudden. But fitting a Sunday morning walk into your weekly schedule, a Thursday evening Zumba class or even trying some YouTube yoga in the comfort of your own home are all ways you can find something you enjoy, that's another step on your uniquely healthy journey.


At the end of the day it's about finding the routine that leads to health that works for you. As I mentioned above, there is no right and wrong when it comes to your personal journey and we can all judge our health in different ways. It isn't about obsessing over the scales, it's about recognising if you aren't sleeping well, if your mood has been low, if your fave jeans are a little tight or you can't remember the last time your diet was balanced. You do you and aim to be happy and healthy in a way that best suits you. There's no secret to health, only you can work out how to be the best version of you.

Have you got any tips you'd love to share with everyone? Anything that keeps you on track, keeps you feeling great and can inspire someone else on their journey to health?

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