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Why It's Okay To Make

You know the feeling. That feeling when you realise deep down, out of the choices you had at your disposable, you think you might have chosen the wrong one. You think you've chosen the wrong path and hindsight seems to be the most helpful and unhelpful revelation you can have.

Life is always a game of choices. Of one or the other, of this or that, of right or wrong. But what if we stop for a second and get a little philosophical? Perhaps the choices we make are simply just choices. Yes, there are effects and whatever the decisions we make there will always be repercussions, but how about we start forgiving ourselves for the mistakes we make? 

If you don't forgive your mistakes, how can anyone else? How can someone else gain your respect, see your worth and see that it really was just a misguided error of judgement? Here's why I know that it's okay to be human and to make mistakes once in a while. 


My very favourite saying - You Live You Learn. I chose to have this tattooed onto the nape of my neck for a good reason. It's a signal for me, a memory, that a mistake is just a mistake and simply nothing more. Like everything that happens in our lives, there are choices at every step and fork of our journey. To make the mistake, to accept it, to own it, to deal with it, to move on from it. Without taking a momentary step back and realising that we're only human, we'll never move past the mistakes we accidentally make. Like all processes, there's no time frame and although we will naturally beat ourselves up for a short while, we can eventually make that last choice and learn from it all. It may well be a cliche but sometimes the cliches are the things that hold us down when we need an anchor to stand firm in our mistakes and the outcomes.


We are the toughest on ourselves. Quite often we can see to forgiving someone else for their indiscretions, for their choices, for their mistakes but we find it so difficult to forgive ourselves. To give ourselves that little bit of slack in knowing that we're only human. We make mistakes. Step into someone else's shoes for just a second. When you see someone hurting, worrying, frustrated with themselves, you sympathise, empathise and you forgive them. You may not always forget, but you find the strength to forgive them for their choices. So step back into your own shoes and be kind enough to do the same for yourself. Life can be hard enough to navigate in the modern day of social media, so give yourself a chance without also trying to be perfect.


Although some mistakes we make can have consequences we would love to wish away, that mistake will have un-bounding positive effects on your life as you move forward. Whether it was made in a relationship, at work, in a family, in a friendship group - the mistakes we make will inevitably define our future selves. They define the next choices we make and help to avoid more mistakes from ever seeing the light of day. That next relationship will benefit from your life lessons, that next family argument will be resolved without a mistake and that impending career move will succeed because of the last mistake you made, owned and grew from. Let the choices you once stood by, define your path in the most positive way you can. Your mistakes no longer have to cloud your future, allow them to shine a light on the next choice you make so that you can be confident you're taking the right path.

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