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How I’m Changing My Life Before I’m 30


The Big 3-0

Location: Jade Mountain Resort, St. lucia
I know I know – I’m getting ahead of myself a little here, but as a July ’89 baby I’ll be heading into my 30th lap around the sun this year and I’m really okay with it. Much to Mama Frow’s mild horror, her youngest will be turning 29 in a few weeks and it got me thinking what this 30th year will be like.

I know I always see the faux panic on friends social feeds at nearing the big 3-0 and the actual panic of some when they place too much pressure on where they ‘should’ be at 30, but I’m going to take this 30th year on earth just like the previous and aim to be happy, healthy and surrounded with people who make my life a better place to be. No pressure, no panic, no comparison – just walking my path at my pace with my friends and family beside me.

Here’s why I’m so okay to be turning 30 next year and how I’m going to make the most of the choices I’ll encounter.

Making Memories

I’ve always been one to make the most of birthdays and celebrations and I feel like that should be true of any special occasion. I don’t like to let an occasion pass for myself or others without marking it and making some special memories together. For me it’s not about the presents, although if you know me well you know I always treat myself to something special every year, it’s more about the people you surround yourself with and the place you choose to spend it. I consider myself very lucky to have the ability to travel for my birthdays and for friends celebrations, something I will never take for granted, and as I get older I realise the importance of taking the time to celebrate yours and others milestones while the time is right. You will never regret creating more memories with the people you love and are proud of, and that’s something I want to do more of in my 30th year.

Meeting New People

As I’ve gotten older and especially in the past few years, I’ve found that my immediate friendship group has definitely gotten smaller, quality over quantity, but my friendship circle as a whole has grown far larger. I’ve met so many new colleagues and friends who prove to me every single day that there is so much to do, see and learn as I explore this life and world. The idea of another year to fill with people who inspire me, is one to be excited about and the idea of knowing there are people yet to come into my life who will make me a better version of myself, makes me so thrilled to be getting a little older. I’m so happy to let new people into my life, but the right ones are always a special needle in a haystack. Yet as life goes on, I realise how much it can benefit me to spend time with new people who have so much to share – 30 is going to be all about newness!

Improving My Life

Life has only gotten better over the past few years, so another year to improve on myself is a year to look forward to. I say this because I’ve been learning to let go of negativity and to actively live a more positive life. Life should never be taken for granted and I know that tomorrow is never promised, but as much as possible looking ahead is what I like to do. There is no use for me in dwelling on yesterday and the things I can’t control, but taking the time to live a more mindful, positive life is my way of improving how I live, learn and love. My confidence has grown, my self doubt has all but disappeared and my ability to gain perspective when I most need it has been the most wonderful discovery. My 30th year is definitely about embracing the positive and letting go of the negative. You live you learn.

Stopping The Comparison

I took this topic on as a whole a little while ago in both my Comparison and Conforming posts and it’s still something I wholeheartedly agree with but also know is so hard to do! We walk our own paths but still seem to let others journeys and opinions influence the way we should live, when in reality we should just march to our own beat. “So your Best Friend got married but you’re single, your Neighbour had kids but you don’t want any, your Brother has a degree but you didn’t finish University and your Cousin travelled the world but you would rather stay closer to home. Life is personal, life is unique, and life is yours alone. Do with it what you will, in what order you’d like and focus on happiness as a whole, instead of feeling as though you’re being left behind. No one should have to feel the pressure to conform anymore and in the same way no one should pressure others to conform to their life plan.”  I still feel this way and in the same breath, my 30th year will be unapologetically lived for me and no one else.

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Images taken at the Jade Mountain resort on the beautiful island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

Flights with Virgin Holidays.

I’d love to know if you guys are feeling the same way about your next big milestone or even if you’re just learning to grasp a more positive outlook on life too. Life is yours to be lived and I’d love to share what we truly live for and what really makes our lives a better place to be. Here’s to embracing getting a little older and living the happy, healthy lives we want to live x

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