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Why Positivity and Perspective are changing my life


A New Positive Mindset

I’m trying out this new thing right now. It’s called an ultra positive mindset, or at least that’s what I’ve called it. The ‘ultra’ I added as a necessary superlative to my otherwise very positive daily vibes, to define this new mindset as extraordinarily elevated. I mean I love to be happy, chirpy, bouncy on a daily basis, as that’s just me I guess. But this new ultra positivity is really putting an extra spring in my step.

I’m just really trying to see the good in everything. Use more perspective, open my mind more, love more and switch off much faster. There’s being a positive person, but there’s also being that person that allows negativity to seep into their mind unexpectedly and intrusively. With my new mindset, I’m changing that.

Perspective is a truly wonderful thing. But using it is something I tend to dismiss sometimes. And I feel the more life experience you have, and the more you do in your life, the more perspective you’re able to garner. Things you see, moments you experience and places that you visit, all of these things add to your knowledge of the world. And the more knowledge you have, the more you can put your own life and the things that you personally do and achieve, into perspective…

So, after my 28 years, I’m certainly learning more about perspective and how damn wonderful life can be. We moan about the littlest things and the smallest of instances can ruin our day, but by mentally stepping back and deciding whether this moment is worth affecting you and whether it is actually only the smallest inconvenience, can be a game changer.

Any time anything has arisen recently, whether it’s a negative comment, a date change in my diary that stresses me out, spilling red wine on the couch, breaking my favourite necklace, not getting enough sleep or any other moment that could generally affect my mood, I’m taking life a little more easy breezy. Is this moment worth getting worked up over? No. Is this moment worth me ruining my whole day and in turn, affecting the day of others around me? No. So find the perspective, focus on the positives happening around you and move forward whilst learning from what just happened.

By constantly focusing on seeing things with a more open minded and stress free attitude, it’s entirely changing my manner. For the last few weeks, I’ve felt so content, so at ease, and the thing I love the most, is that I’m more loving than ever. By not allowing work stress or life stress overcome my mind, it’s allowing me to be the real me. Entirely myself. And that person is super loving and fun and excitable and all the things I want to be. Alex has never had so many cuddles in his life. So I’m realising, that by taking one small insignificant annoyance at a time, finding perspective and a quick solution and then moving past it before it’s taken over my mood, is most definitely the way forward. I’m happier, I spend more time in the present and I switch off at night much faster and easier.

If you’re struggling with this too, becoming frustrated and angry at the smallest of moments, hopefully this helped a tad. Just a little thought I’ve been having about living life much more positively and the rewards I’m reaping from perspective.

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Pictures taken at the beautiful Gili Lankanfushi resort in the Maldives.

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