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5 Tips for Not Overpacking Your Suitcase


5 Tips for Not Overpacking Your Suitcase

Efficient and Effective Packing
Now I know my last post was about skiwear, so this is a harsh transition into beach styles. But everyone likes to travel to different parts of the world at this time of year. Yet, whether you like the snow or whether you like the heat, this post still applies. How to not overpack your suitcase and take items you don’t need. This is an issue for a few reasons.

Firstly, weight. If you’re going over your luggage allowances, it’s going to cost you £60+. No one wants that smack at the airport when you have a holiday to look forward to that already cost you a fortune.

Secondly, efficiency. You want to get ready quickly for your dinner, but you’re sifting through so many items of clothing that you brought and don’t actually need, and it’s holding you up and making you confused as to what outfit would look best. Save yourself the agro.

Thirdly, time. Who wants to have to spend time when you get back home, hanging up and washing all of those extra clothes that you took with you for absolutely no reason?! This is one of the biggest things for me – I detest unpacking.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned a few tricks for not overpacking my stuff and taking the items I do actually need with me. So I thought I’d shade.

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Plan your Itinerary

How do you know what you want to wear, if you don’t know what you’re going to be doing. It’s very very organised I know, and in some cases you may not have any clue what you’re going to be doing. Especially if you’re backpacking for instance. But, if you’re going on a trip where you can plan a little easier, even just knowing if one evening you’re going for a super fancy meal, or another night more casual, this will dictate your wardrobe. So have a little research of the area you’re going to, what you can do there and create a bit of a schedule of things to do and places to go. Then, you can plan your outfits around all of these activities.

Plan your outfits. 

Yea it takes some time, and in honesty sometimes I cannot be bothered in the slighest. But as soon as I do it, my packing comes together perfectly. Especially for my trips abroad for fashion week, this is absolutely essential. I take each item that is new or that I love, place it down on my bed, and start building up an outfit that I’d like to wear. I’ll then try it on to double check that it fits well and that all of the items fit together, and then I’ll take a picture in the mirror to remind myself of every item I was wearing. I cannot tell you how much this helps me.

Mix and Match

As you’re planning each outfit out, you’ll of course need to take items that you can mix and match with other outfits. Unless you want to take 4 completely separate outfits. I say if you’re going to somewhere hot, the chances are this will be fine, as most of your outfits will be tiny bikinis and thin kaftans. You can afford extra space. But, if you’re going skiing, or somewhere in need of jeans, you definitely don’t want to be carrying four bulky jackets or even four pairs of denim. You won’t have the room or weight. So, as you’re building up your outfits with your stack of favourite clothes next to you, ensure to double up or even triple up outfits with the items that are a lot heavier and bulkier.

Oh, AND, wear the largest of your items onto the plane too! The huge coat, get snug on the plane in it – or if it’s too big, stick it into the overhead bins. It’ll buy you loads of space back.


Okay so – first of all, work out if you can take a small wheel suitcase onto the plane with you as carry on. Most airlines will let you take one – some airlines who will not be named, only allowing you this and absolutely nothing else, so your handbag better fit inside it too! But find out if you can take this – as this allows you more room for items, but more specifically, a safer place to store your expensive things. Any jewellery, laptop, handbags or expensive items should go inside your carry on luggage. Just in case your suitcase goes missing, or, someone decides to steal from your suitcase. Trust me, it happens, and I know a few people it’s happened to, so be careful and keep your favourite items and accessories close to you.

And of course, work out which actual bags you will need. And this is where your outfit planning will cross over. Work out which of your bags will match a couple of the outfit you’re taking, so you can keep your accessories very minimal.

Beauty Miniatures are essential

It’s an obvious one, but my beauty products are the main weight in my suitcase. I like to take a lot. I have a bag for hair products, a bag for suncreams, a bag for makeup, a bag for makeup brushes and another for nighttime skincare. So that weight adds up massively. So over the years, I have collected miniatures wherever I can. Mini hairsprays, mini shampoos, mini toothpastes. You can either buy the minis of your favourite items at places like Boots, or Boots also stock little tiny packets of mini bottles, where you can decant your big products into them. Try not to miss this step – it will save you so so much room and weight, believe me! I have found it so helpful to do this, and find I have just enough that I need for a few days or a week away.

The Look

What tips can you share for not overpacking too much?

These are just the ones I’ve tried and tested, but I know you guys will have a lot of your own!

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