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Why it’s Really Not Worth Comparing Yourself


Quit Comparing

If you believe in yourself, you can be unstoppable
I feel like I’ve written a multitude of posts just like this one. Preaching the idea of being independent, not comparing, believing in yourself, blah blah. And honestly in a lot of ways, luckily, I have listened to my own advice. I’m a far more self-believing person now than I ever was, and 99% of the time, I feel extremely proud and fulfilled with my journey, where I’ve been and where I’m going, in a business and career sense. But there are those times when doubt still creeps in, especially on the days you’re feeling particularly vulnerable. And I’ve been thinking more about this recently.

It was today, chatting with my Nail artist at Dryby, that we got talking about the evil of comparison. And I have been pondering on the thought all day. It was one thing she said that I can’t get out of my head. And that’s the subject of this post.

“If you believe in yourself, you can be unstoppable.” 

It is all about self belief.


Believing in what you create, what you have to offer and what you bring to your personal space. Whether thats your home, life, relationships, employment. What is that special thing that you offer? Write it down now so you don’t forget it, and you can look back when you’re having a doubtful moment. Maybe you’re a people person and help to brighten the day of those around you, maybe you’re an ideas creator and come up with amazing concepts, perhaps you’re the best in your certain skillset. It could be anything, but believe in what it is that you bring to your metaphorical table. No one can do it like you can, because they are not you.

I often have these worries, when I’m sat alone and scrolling my Instagram. Accounts pop up that I love and that truly inspire me, and 99% of the time, I’m so inspired by what I see that it urges me to do more and create new plans. But there are various occasions when the imagery incites doubt and anxieties within me. Am I not doing enough? Why am I not travelling at the moment? Could I be doing more right now?

And you know what, I need to remember one thing. Someone else’s goals, are not mine, and their goals are entirely different. As a beauty, fashion and travel blogger, I try to tick a number of boxes, and in some cases I find it hard to be all three genres. I try to mix it up the best I can, because I love doing all three. But there are people out there who are killing it at travel Instagramming, others owning the fashion space. But is what they’re doing better than what I’m doing, for my own goals? Absolutely not. The goals I have will never be achieved by anyone else and their personal steps. The grass is NEVER greener. Whilst someone’s Instagram may look like a dreamy travel paradise, and I get that twinge of worry that I too should be out there doing more travelling, I have come to realise that these wonderful Instagrammers are not doing the things I am doing. They don’t have my projects, my team, my goals, my ideas or my imagery style. They have their own, but mine are specific to me and my own dreams. And I am extremely grateful and happy with everything I have and everything I’m looking forward to. Don’t look at what others are doing; focus on you and just do you.

Don’t look at what others are doing; focus on you.  

Remember that only you can achieve your goals, and I’m sure you’re doing as much as you can to reach them. And if not, right now is the time to change that. If you feel you could be doing more, create a list of ways you are going to adapt and organise yourself to be more proactive. But without looking at how others are doing it, how are you going to do it? What will be the most effective way for you to get to where you want to be? If it’s travelling the world because you want to be a huge Instagram travel blogger, then maybe you need to get saving and creating a list of places to visit. If it’s aiming for a new promotion in your retail role, what could you be doing differently to further yourself – this could be your physical performance and even mental outlook at work. Only you will know the best way to proceed and further yourself, but making lists really does help. I know I know, it’s been said thousands of times over, but writing down your ideas and goals truly is the only way to set benchmarks, deadlines and steps to reach. Where do you want to be in five years, two years or 1 year? What improvements do you want to see in just one month? Get organised, proactive and take control of it.

As soon as you start taking control of your own path, you’ll become a lot less focused on the path of others. As I mentioned, the grass is never greener. I have a lot of friends in the blogging and Instagram space, all working on their own improvement, dreams and projects. And every single one is working on a career that is entirely different. And thus, there is no need for me to ever compare. What someone else is doing, is not what I am doing, and so what good will come from comparing my personal journey to someone else’s? They’re not the same and never will be. You know your dreams better than anyone – so believe in them and believe in yourself.

“If you believe in yourself, you can be unstoppable.” 

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I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feelings on this. Do you compare yourself a lot and get yourself down with doubt? I know I’m not alone here, but how do you deal with it and what have you found to work? I really hope the above helps at least one of you – it’s certainly helped me.

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