What I’ve Bought in the Boxing Day Luxury Sales


What I Bought on Boxing Day

The best sales of the season
I know, I know, it was only Christmas Day yesterday – Merry Christmas by the way, but the Boxing Day sales are my favourites of the year. Yea Black Friday is pretty great, but nothing beats the discounts and available brands on Boxing Day. It’s just a big clear out for the Spring stock making its way into stores, and I’m here for it. Honestly, I’ve just spent the last few hours with countless tabs open, making my way through Shoe pages, Bag pages and this year, Suit categories, to find the items that are worth it. You don’t want to just buy any old thing – it’s got to be something you can make use of in the Spring especially – as the next few months are when you’re going to be hyped about your new purchase the most. It needs to be something you love, that you can see yourself wearing a lot, something you don’t already have a dupe of and potentially may transcend seasons. But in truth, I feel you could also be a bit more fun with your purchases for Boxing Day, as the prices are slashed pretty well. No need to always buy classic if you want something a bit more exciting.

So here are the items I have bought, I am thinking of buying, the ones I already own that have gone into sale, and then a few more that I think are amazing to actually be in sale!

Enjoy your day relaxing, fire on, Christmas Day leftovers, dog on your lap and sale shopping! Let me know what you find!

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