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Why We’re Together and How We Make it Work

This is a paid for advertorial in collaboration with Thomas Sabo.


Why We're Together

And how we make it work
Location: Valley of Fire
I suppose me and Alex are probably not your most conventional couple. Finding someone to fall in love with is one of the trickiest things we humans have to do, and I feel so lucky that I haven’t had too many frogs to kiss along the way. Relationships are hard work, especially when you also live and work alongside that person, and it’s taken us some time to get to a place where we can get over the ups and downs a lot faster. But how did we get together, how do we make it work and what do we feel is the key to our relationship. Here’s everything you may like to know…
So where did we meet?

During University, in Manchester, in a dirty rock club in 2010. But actually we had known each other for the previous few years, due to mutual friends in college and University. We both grew up in Wigan and lived even closer to each other than we realised, but it took us until we were in our twenties to hit it off. I never thought Alex would be interested, but it turns out he always was since we first met.

Where was our first date?

We actually went to a club. A bar (Font bar) and then a club (5th Avenue) and we immediately fell for each other. Alex had this skater boy thing about him that I adored, and whilst he was tattooed and pretty cool in his style, he loves girls who look cute and girly, so it worked. Plus I had the tattoos and the love of music too, so we had some things in common. He was creative and artistic, with a bit of a bad boy vibe but this soft and lovely mannerism that I had never come across before. He was kind, well mannered and extremely loving. He was too easy to fall in love with.

What were you both doing at the time you met?

We were both in University. I am 7 months older than Alex, so I was in my last year of Uni whilst he was in his second, studying Graphic Design and animation. It came at a time when Alex needed a bit of a push to get through his final year and I was one of those pushy people, so it was a perfect pairing. I then moved into my PhD years and located to Salford, where although we didn't technically live together, Alex stayed pretty much every evening after Uni. From there we then moved in together, with our best friend Rebecca (my now Chicago bestie) in Manchester's Northern Quarter.

Have you had any hiccups?

Yep we have, and we're not ashamed to tell people about it. We've actually broken up twice in the 8 years we have dated now, mainly due to needing time to grow separately. This time around, we have been together for the last 4 years and it's a relationship unlike the previous two. We're more mature, we know how to live independently, we understand each other much more and it's a relationship with so much more respect, support and love. We moved back in together after a year together, this time down in London, uprooting our lives from being near family and friends and starting up in Kilburn in North London. Alex continued his role as a Motion Graphics Designer with a Manchester company, remotely from his desk in our living room in London, whilst I went full time on the blog. That was 3 and a half years ago.

What makes it work? 

We’ve got over a number of hurdles. Mainly due to navigating how to live and work together, in a small London flat. I am impatient, a micromanager, sometimes stubborn and never satisfied. Alex doesn’t take criticism well, hates to fail, hates micromanagers and dislikes my stubbornness. So we have locked horns on a number of occasions and still do. The difference now, is that we have worked out what it is that sets off  our arguments and how to reduce their severity earlier on. I say sorry more, he listens to my feedback more and we always always always make sure to eat before we do our photoshoots. Otherwise, it is never going to end well.

What is it like to travel so much together?

Travelling has been one of the biggest blessings of this job. I do it so much because I want to keep you guys interested and inspired by the content I’m putting out there. I’d rather show you what I’m wearing in the desert or by the pool, than in the same location in London every single time. Don’t get me wrong I love London photoshoots, just not for every single blog post. So I like to mix it up. Travelling gives us the chance to see new places, learn about new cultures but also mix up the content we’re creating.

For this trip, we went to Vegas, with my Dad, Step Mum and my brother, primarily for a family trip away, but also for some work tasks. I had a number of beautiful Thomas Sabo jewellery boxes filled with stunning silver necklaces, rings and bracelets and I wanted to shoot them somewhere that said more about me and Alex than just taken in a park in London.

How would you describe your relationship?

Loving, supportive, understanding.  I would hope it’s never ending, forever lasting. Our lives are so intertwined now, with how we work and how we live, that we have a pretty amazing bond overall. We get each other and we’re happiest when we’re together, side by side.

That’s why this campaign, Together by Thomas Sabo #togetherbyTS, was a perfect match. We are not an ordinary couple, in that we live in each other pockets 24/7 and work under one brand name. We love to travel the world, to places that others may not expect, regardless of whether the climate it hot or cold or whether we will be walking, hiking, sailing or lying down on a beach all day. The new Thomas Sabo collection is for every one, and every couple, with a focus on togetherness and a long-lasting connection and I feel me and Alex fit that bill pretty perfectly. The intertwining of the two signature Together rings, seen above, symbolises that connection. And whether you want to go for sparkles or skulls, regardless of your sex or gender, you can choose a ring and symbol of togetherness that you love the most. If not rings, silver necklaces or bracelets, Thomas Sabo also have matching watches for him and her.

For your other half, for your loved one or the ones in your life that mean the most, this collection has a diverse range of jewellery pieces to suit anyone. Silver, rose gold and gold depending on your preference and with beautiful engraved details of ‘Together’ and ‘Forever’ on various jewels, this is a gift with much more meaning. With the Festive season around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking of something special and I could not recommend this collection more. Alex has not taken off these men’s silver rings since he got them, and I’m planning on investing in a few more pieces for him as a treat. And for me, the rings with the matching necklace and bracelet are a stunning set of jewellery for most occasions. I know that if I opened this set on Christmas morning, I’d feel like the luckiest, most loved little lady in the world.

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