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Sale Season: Tips, Tricks & Discount Temptations


My tips for sale season

and how to avoid buyer's remorse!
Tis the season! Sale season that is! We’re currently entering that tempting time of the year. Over 2 months full of great discounts from some of our favourite retailers, designers and brands across fashion, beauty and more all while preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. It’s all too easy to go a little wild and spend your hard earned money on lots of attractive discounts but I think we can admit, me included, that we’ve all made more than a few ‘spendy‘ errors during sales gone by.

That discounted dress that was too good a deal to leave on the hanger? Those shoes you impulse bought just incase your size sold out? The jumper that you were adamant would see you through more than one season because it was half off? The reality is they’re probably still in your closet with the tags attached and buyers remorse is in full swing. Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Boxing Day sales, how do we know when we should splurge and when we should save?

Whether there’s a bargain to be had or I’m paying full price, whether it’s a treat for myself or a gift for someone I love, I need to know I’ve purchased something that is worth the money I parted with. The Holidays are the perfect time to invest in designer goods as we see discounts on brands we wouldn’t usually but how do you ensure your purchase is a great one, no matter what the price tag says?

Without making sales season akin to a military operation, research is definitely the key. From Temperley to Ted Baker to Topshop, it doesn’t matter what we consider to be in our budget, each purchase deserves the same thought process as the last. Here are the questions I ask myself before I dive head first into the Holiday sales and all the joy they can bring.

Happy Shopping!

Does the brand you’re lusting after ever go on sale?

It’s no use hoping that that Chanel classic flap bag you’ve wanted for forever is going to go into the sale so being realistic is a must for me. Perhaps I may not be getting my hands on a Chanel bag but maybe that All Saints leather jacket I’ve had in my basket for the past few weeks will finally be mine. Having a look back at previous posts on your favourite blogs to see what items were discounted in last years sales is always a good way to judge if the brand you want will be heading into sale.

Is the item you’re looking at seasonal?

A seasonal colour that isn’t in the main collection is much more likely to see a healthy discount than the classic black and navy shades we love. If you aren’t a slave to trends and are buying for pure love of an item then there is much more chance you’ll pick something up that you love and save some money while you’re at it. Similarly you may have spotted the red boots of your dreams that surely are a passing trend but a little research may pop that bubble as although lilac was everywhere for SS18 red is also here to stay!

What’s the average discount you’ll be looking at?

If the brand you’re researching often takes around 20-25% off during sale season don’t hold out that this sales season will be the first time they offer 70% off the one item you are looking for. We can all dream (and believe me I do) but 9 times out of 10 the discounts on designer brands are relatively reasonable and for high street retailers you may have to hold out for that discount to increase over time. Further reductions are always a shoppers dream but bear in mind waiting for the discount to drop might mean you miss out entirely.

Can you afford it?

Whether you’re tempted by that designer handbag you’ve been dreaming about or you’re planning on adding to your extensive high street black boot collection the one thing you should always consider is money. It’s head over heart when it comes to sales purchases for me; always. I love fashion but if that Reiss shearling jacket I love so much is out of my budget right now, then I walk away and find a cheaper alternative. Luckily this time of year lends its hand to alternative affordable versions of your much coveted pieces so long as you do your research.

Did you want it before sale season?

Research, although the best option to avoid impulse buying, is not always possible and with the Holiday season looming you may just have money set aside for a few sale treats. Often if I didn’t want something before it was on sale I don’t lust after it when discounted but sometimes those sale tickets are just so tempting you can’t help but be lured in. Take a second and think, if it wasn’t worth the original price why is it worth it now? If it’s just because of the brand name or big discount and not because it excites you to own it then walk away and invest in something else.

And finally where/when are you planning on making your purchase? 

Are you going to be up until midnight waiting for the website to launch it’s sale or will you be outside the store hoping to grab your Christmas present to yourself at 5am on Black Friday? Either way be prepared that the dream item you’re looking for may also be at the top of someone else’s shopping list too and it may end in heartbreak for one of you. You may want to enlist a friend (or a partner) to be your back up shopper if there’s an item you really can’t live without this year.

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