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Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2017: How To Get Involved


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Let's Talk About Boobs!
It’s October and it’s officially Breast Cancer Awareness month, time to talk about the big C and what you can do to support the 1 in 8 women and 400 men who are diagnosed with this devastating disease every year in the UK. Breast cancer in the UK is still the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women under 40 and there are some amazing charities out there, offering not just support for those who have been diagnosed but also tips on prevention of the disease too.

We all know with any disease, if there is a way to be informed about prevention and early detection then we are taking some of the control back that can be so cruelly taken away from us. It is so important that we stop thinking that this disease will never happen to us and start to realise that there is every chance it will affect someone that we know and love. It may seem like a pessimistic take on life, but surely only good can come from sharing and caring for ourselves and others. Only 30% of women between the ages of 18-29 check their breasts on a monthly basis and this must change going forward. Whether that number is because we forget to check or because we simply don’t have the knowledge to do it properly, it makes me want to share the amazing charities below even more.

I have taken the opportunity and compiled a list of some amazing charities, events and purchases you can make below to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness month and I would love you to take a look, get involved and share them around! Yes we all have a passion for beauty, fashion and travel here (perhaps even all 3 for some) but what are those things without your Mum, Sister, Auntie, Daughter and anyone else who means so much to you by your side?

Let’s talk about boobs!

(Statistics mentioned above taken from Breast Cancer Care)


There are some amazing charities and wonderful individuals out there working tirelessly to find not only a cure for breast cancer but to help those who have had their lives impacted by the disease too. Below are a list of some of the charities and the events they are holding this month that you can support. From Coppafeel and their incredible Festifeel on the 14th October, Breast Cancer Care UK where you can find support and shop their Pink Ribbon products and The Breast Cancer Care Campaign where you can find information about their 25 year fight to end breast cancer. Please do get involved!

Coppafeel – Coppafeel is a charity set up by the amazing Kristin Hallenga and her twin sister Maren. Kristin was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23 and decided to use her experience to help others. I remember watching her documentary a couple of years ago and feeling totally in awe of this incredible woman who was using her own terrible diagnosis to make young women aware that it can happen to them. The charity aims to bring the idea of checking your boobs, especially for younger women, into the mainstream and you can even sign up for an email or text service where they will remind you! Sign up here!

Festifeel – Festifeel is a festival organised by the wonderful guys at Coppafeel, featuring some amazing artists such as Pixie Lott and Basement Jaxx. Attending the event will raise money for the charity and will in turn boost their ability to stamp out late detection of this awful disease, by educating both young men and women about how to prevent and detect it. What more could you possibly want from an event? Great music, great food and great people all for an even greater cause! You can find more info on tickets here!

Girl VS Cancer – I’ve been following Girl VS Cancer for a little while now and I have to say if you don’t know about Lauren you are missing out. Lauren has an amazing blog called Girl Stole London, but 12 months ago was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her attitude and honesty about her journey is so refreshing and I admire her joy for life throughout what she has been through. She’s a true survivor and truly shoves a middle finger up to cancer! Lauren has created the most amazing line of Tit Tees to raise money for the charities she holds close to her heart which are Coppafeel, Trekstock, Future Dreams and Look Good Feel Better. Please buy a tee here! I can’t wait for my bee stings tee to arrive!

Liv Purvis in Bee Stings Tee

for GirlVsCancer

Breast Cancer Care Campaign – The global campaign has just reached it’s 25th year in it’s battle to end breast cancer. It was co-created by Evelyn Lauder in 1992 to create the pink ribbon symbol to raise awareness of the disease and has continued on to today, supported by some of the biggest beauty houses in the world. The campaign continues to support education and medical research into the disease with it’s efforts, and you can learn more about Estee Lauder’s mission here!

Breast Cancer Care UK – The breast cancer care UK website is full to the brim of ways you can help and be helped. If you are worried about breast cancer and would like more information or support it offers both telephone numbers and downloadable apps to be able to access what you are searching for with ease. The great thing about the site is they list every single way you can help them by either making a donation, organising a fundraising event such as an aftertoon tea or even volunteering your time, which is just as valuable. See the list of ideas here!

Look Good Feel Better – I absolutely love what this charity stands for, it is so unique. Look Good Feel Better have a mission to help women and teenagers deal with the visible side effects of their cancer diagnosis in the hope that they will in turn feel better too. A positive mind can be such an important tool in a cancer fight. On the site you can find video tutorials to help with skincare and makeup advice and they hold masterclasses all over the UK. You can visit the site and make a donation here!

And last but most certainly not least, all through the month of October some of the most amazing brands have released limited edition products that you can purchase to benefit the amazing charities working to end breast cancer. Find below some of my favourites and shop away knowing your purchase will raise money to help those who need it most, as well as getting you a new addition to your wardrobe or makeup bag!

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More info on the % of charity proceeds for the above sales can be found on the relevant sites. 

I have made a donation to a Breast Cancer charity as well as donating anything I make from this post x

I hope you’ve found a charity or an event that you can get involved with this October and beyond. Don’t forget that even if you can’t financially afford to give to a cause right now, just sharing on social media can still increase awareness and benefit those who need it most.

Also if there are any amazing Breast Cancer charities or blogs you’d like me to share here please leave them below and I will add them to the post x

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