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5 Things I Love About Being a Blogger


Why do you love your job?

Praising the Best Things and Forgetting the Worst
I’ve felt swamped this last few weeks and it’s taken it’s toll on my personal and social life. It’s all too easy to dwell, to complain about the small things and to live thinking about the things that we could’ve done differently; but where does that get us? When I changed my career trajectory, I had fears and worries about what others would think, what my future would look like and even if I had made the right decision. But the one thing that I kept losing sight of was that I was doing it to be happy; and that should’ve been enough.

I feel extremely lucky to wake up everyday and work in a career that I love. I can see the doors that have opened for me, the journeys that my career has taken so far and I can pinpoint the hard work that got me to that place. I am just so grateful to still be on this rollercoaster ride and keeping a smile on my face, 99% of the time.

We don’t spend enough time praising the things in our lives that we love the most; but we’re often quick to mention the doubts, annoyances and frustrations we may have. Sometimes we’re so used to complaining that we forget to remember how awesome everything actually is. It may take a little more effort but we should prioritise the things that make us happier, rather than dwelling on the negatives.

So here are the 5 things I love about my career and the things I am planning to keep in mind the next time I complain about a crazy deadline or not having enough time in a day. I’d love to start a chain here where we can share the positive things in our lives and actively swap that complaint for a little affirmation of why you have every reason to smile. I’d love it if when you’re reading this, you too create a list of the things you absolutely adore about your own career. Maybe it’s your work mates, the cool opportunities you get, the location you work in or maybe your chance for promotion. Take a second to think about the best things about your own career and I hope it helps a little if you’re having a stressful work day!

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When I finished my degree, my dream was to move to London and pursue a career in Fashion Marketing. I know that if I had continued down that path, that I would have probably absolutely adored it and would now still be working my way up through the tiers. Yet, blogging just happened to be the pathway that I fell onto and in turn has opened some very unexpected doors. I never knew that I would ever have the opportunity to travel the world in the way that I do, and I pinch myself every time that I take a step off of the plane in a new destination. It’s beyond my wildest dreams. Beyond the traveling, the connections I have made with brands I have admired since I first developed an interest in both fashion and beauty are immense sources of pride for me. To know that I have worked for and with some of the most creative, influential houses is a true pinch me moment. When I beat myself up over missed opportunities, timings that just don’t work or there not being 8 days in a week, I need to remember I have a job I absolutely love that has allowed me to do so much.

Creativity & Freedom

I have always been creative in one way or another. Design is something I adore and I can recall spending hours designing store floor plans, creating retail magazines, marketing banners and promotional adverts for degree projects. I love getting stuck into projects and developing my own take on a creative idea. At this point, when a brand approaches me with an idea for a project or a collaboration, I truly enjoy coming up with concepts and mood boards and ideas for how we can make the project the best it can be. Being able to apply my own creative ideas with almost no restrictions is an aspect of my job I love. Yes of course you must stay within the limits of a brand proposal, just as any project would have you do, but to be able to create unique pieces of work with so much freedom is a younger me fulfilling a complete dream. I am by no means a designer and often swoon over other people’s artistry, but my career has allowed me to develop skills I truly enjoy tasking myself with.

The People

I remember how nervous I was when I first started blogging, and realising that I could start to attend events with other bloggers that I loved, and with brands that I adored. I had to throw myself in at the deep end, entering a room and having to introduce myself blindly to people who didn’t know who I was and in some cases didn’t even care. As time went on and I was attending events weekly, those nerves were no longer an issue and in fact led to the development of some incredible friendships. I now have the pleasure of being surrounded by colleagues, managers and friends, all gained through my work, who encourage me to better myself. Through friendships have come work opportunities and through work has come the good fortune of friendship.


This is as much for me as it is for others. I love having the ability to share on the platforms I have created. From publishing my thoughts, to pushing good causes, to putting the topics out there I wish I had had access to when I was younger. Being able to inspire or help others through my career is not something I ever thought I would do. Knowing that someone can head over to my blog and allow their mind 5 minutes to enjoy something I have created makes sharing maybe the best aspect of my job. I adore those moments when I bump into someone who reads my blog or watches my videos, and they mention a post they loved or a video they enjoyed.

My Passion

Despite changing career paths when I was already employed as a fashion lecturer, my previous achievements and career only led to a greater understanding of the new space I was moving into. The fashion and beauty industries that I enjoyed as a hobby could now be combined with the research I had undertaken through my PhD and thus my passions were all merged together. I am fascinated by marketing campaigns, the use of social media by brands, the way that consumers behave and in my line of work what interests people to keep them coming back for more as a regular follower. There is so much to learn in my career and that is a huge part of what keeps me driving forward. But to be able to work in a career that merges your greatest passions and interests; I’m pretty darn grateful.

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As mentioned above I would love us to share some positivity below and the things we love about our jobs, our homes and our lives below to spread a little happiness. Sometimes a little effort in realising what we do have to be thankful for can go a long way x

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