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Life is Short: Learning To Stay Positive


Life is Too short

I’ve been thinking about the famous ‘Life is too short’ statement a lot recently. This world seems to grow darker by the day (this gets more upbeat I promise) and yet I try to make my own life more positive to counteract it. You cannot live your life worrying about what may happen next or things that have happened, and you certainly can’t allow your own small issues to ruin your day. I guess we need only learn from events and try to move on in the best way we can. It can become enveloping and distressing to take the world of fear, doubts and anger onto our shoulders and to wish there was something we could have done differently. But in truth, in the majority of cases there is nothing that anyone can do to stop various catastrophic or horrible things from happening in this world. We can only hope to make our own world and the lives of those around us better, in the hope that perhaps the positivity may rub off and it may potentially help someone else in the long run.

I’m not speaking about any event in particular here, because there are too many to name, many things happening that I don’t know about or enough about to make comment on, and also many things that I don’t wish to mention. But I’m speaking generally too – just about life and the ways we need to move forwards and onwards. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot in my head, so hopefully I can make sense of it here.

I feel that realising Life is too short is the starting point to a more fulfilling and productive life. It’s certainly been helping me a lot in the past few months. It’s a short and overused statement yes, but yet I feel it encompasses a feeling and an attitude. There are numerous times in the past where something minor has taken over my day or rerouted me from positive thinking, and I have allowed something so irrelevant to ruin my mood. Taking a step back and realising that in the grand scheme of your life, this small hurdle is nothing but a bump in the road, is honestly one of the most mind-clearing tools I have used.

Take a deep breath and put it into perspective.

It can be as little as an unexpected bill in the post, or ruining your favourite makeup palette or sticking a hot iron onto silk accidentally and ruining your new dress. Its annoying and potentially a little costly in some cases, but does it affect your life – not overly no. And yet in the past I have allowed such small issues to grate on me and to seriously piss me off. And honestly it’s because I had lost all sense of perspective.

There are billions of people who are worse off then you, I or the majority of us. There are also events in life, especially in the last few years, that are far bigger than all of us and can really bring you back down to earth. It’s truly helped me to realise that as long as my family and friends are healthy and well, I have a roof over my head and I can afford to eat every evening, there is not much else that should cause me to worry and stress in the way I have previously.

Perspective is a wonderful thing. And it all comes from realising that Life is too short to worry. To stress or to moan. Of course that perspective will leave us momentarily because it can all become a little overwhelming when you have ten things on your to do list and it’s not going to plan. But give it a few hours, some deep breathing and a moment of clarity and I’m back down to Earth.

Stay positive and thankful. Life is what you make of it. And it’s too short to not make the absolute most. 

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We got a little deep in this post, but it’s food for thought; I hope. Just when you feel like the world is getting on top of you, just think about the tasks at hand and getting through everything one task at a time. Don’t stress or worry, and instead find perspective from the incredible things you do have in your life. It’s a crazy world and anything could happen in an instant. Just be thankful of each day, the people you have around you, the food on your table and the place you live. Text your friends to tell them you love them, arrange more dates, schedule more coffee chats, ring people. Just live in the moment I guess.

I’d love to know your take on this. I hope this made sense on paper and helped at least one person to find a little positivity if they were having a pretty awful day. It always gets better. And if not, that’s why Icecream was invented.

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