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What I’m Buying for my New Flat: Homeware Haul


We're Moving!

After living in London for 2 1/2 years now, Alex and I are moving into hopefully *fingers crossed* our last apartment before being able to purchase a home together. There are lots of factors to take into consideration of course, but we’re getting ever closer to owning a place of our own to fall in love with. London is home for us right now and it suits our wants and needs to a tee. We have friends, colleagues and family not too far, and all the restaurants bars and shops we could need.

Our newest apartment has 3 bedrooms; one of which will be used as our home office and another small box bedroom that I am lucky enough to be able to use as storage, for my many handbags and shoes. It also has a separate kitchen, which is something we are both incredibly happy about and a separate living area too, so we can close the doors on our work and kitchen mess and hopefully find a more comfortable space to be able to relax together in the evenings.

Last but certainly not least, those of you who know me well will understand my excitement about this, we have a bath. An actual bath tub! No more sadness for me when someone gifts me a lush bath bomb and I have to rather begrudgingly pass it on, I will actually be able to watch those magical colours swirling round the bath water once again. Yay for unwinding after a long day with candles lit and my favourite music on!

You might have seen over on YouTube that we’re half way through the never ending packing (send help.. or doughnuts.. or both actually!) and we’ve also started buying some new furniture and decorative pieces, as we’ve chosen to move into a completely unfurnished apartment this time around. Our goal is that the things we purchase now, will be pieces we adore and will hopefully be able to keep for many years to come. I thought it would be fun to recommend some of my favourite home stores that we’ve shopped at over the past few years and also show you the bits we’ve picked up already for the move.

You’ll also find some pieces we are hoping to add to our home at a later date or judging by how incredibly anxious we are to move and have the place looking perfect within the first few days, maybe they’ll be in my shopping bag a little earlier than that!

Hope you enjoy seeing what our home will look like!


I still remember moving to London and spending hours online perusing the Oliver Bonas site, dreaming of having an entire house decorated in OB purchases of white, gold and marble and that really hasn’t changed! There’s a reason OB is such a popular brand and that’s because it offers a great mix of quality and price points. You can find that luxurious, expensive piece that’ll make your house a home, interspersed with decorative, fun bits that won’t break the bank. Alex and I have chosen the most fun cocktail chair and matching ottoman for a pop of colour in our living space and he even agreed to the pink colour without too much arm twisting! I can’t wait for them to arrive! I’ve also added some pieces below we’re lusting after that we can’t wait to add into the mix!


Loaf is a new discovery of ours and one I’m seeing more and more online! It’s so great to find new homeware stores that excite you and have great reviews too. For me, when buying furniture that I know I want to keep and love for a long time, finding great reviews is a must and the easy to use, relaxed website is a huge bonus. For example when choosing our new sofa below (yes that incredible teal, velvet one is mineee… in 8 weeks) we were able to customise the size, fabric and colour (the cushions too!) and not only that we could find out where and who our piece will be handmade by, so fun! My take on Loaf is that you can find classic pieces with modern twists and that for us is the perfect addition to our future homes.


Can I have one of everything please? From the furniture to the bedding to the lighting to the storage, I can spend hours on Made. You can find designer pieces for a lot less than you would find elsewhere, all with the guarantee of quality because the beliefs behind the site promise you just that. Made’s modern, clean aesthetic give a Scandinavian feel to their site and Alex and I’s current shopping basket on the site reflects just how much we love that look, oops! The ability to customise a lot of their pieces is especially important to me as you feel like you are purchasing a piece that is far more luxurious than the price would lead you to believe. Let’s just say, the majority of pieces below are on their way to us! That pink chair though!


Perch & Parrow is a new discovery for Alex and I and I am so glad we discovered it – thankyou Suzie!! I saw Suzie’s amazing new mirror on her Instagram and couldn’t stop thinking about it and decided it would look perfect in our new place too. I love just how reasonable the prices on the site are, even for their larger, bespoke furniture pieces but the cushions, accessories and vases are particular favourites of mine, not to mention their awesome collection of faux plants. They will be perfect for us when we are always travelling!


I know, I know am I crazy? But hear me out! You may remember when Alex and I visited the Luisa Via Roma store in Florence, we picked up the most fun, unique, decorative ornament and we’ve been waiting to move to give *him* pride of place in our living room: our astronaut, Astro! Well as soon as we knew we were moving, I hopped onto the site to see what other home pieces they currently have and fell in love with some, albeit pricey, but beautiful accessories, including the matching rocket candlestick for Astro! Yep, I named him, obviously. Some of these are definitely the more luxury end of the things we’ve bought for our place, but I can’t wait to add them into the mix, albeit slowly!

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If you’ve got any home websites to recommend let me know, I’d love to find some more fun, unique pieces for our new place! I can’t wait to share our space with you and start working and filming in our new home!

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