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Home Is Where A Piece of Your Heart Is


The Cities I Call Home

The number of times I have spoken with parents on the phone and chatted about coming home, or going home or ‘when I’m home’; every time having to further explain which home I’m referring to. When I talk about going home, I am never referencing the same place. Which home I am travelling to completely depends on where I am at that moment in time, both mentally and physically. Alex and I travelled back up North for Mother’s Day to see family for a few days, and the second I stepped through the front door of Mama Frow’s house, in my mind, I was home. I found myself breathing a little easier, stressing a little less and generally feeling like a few of my worries had floated away.

While back in the North we ventured out locally to take these beautiful pictures amongst the blooming blossom trees and I feel you can tell even from the still images just how peaceful a place it is. Even searching through them to create this post made me feel tranquil and got me to thinking. Why is it that I call so many places home when I only grew up in one?

From London to Wigan, from Chicago to Nottingham, and to a certain extent Paris, I am lucky enough to have homes to welcome me with open arms, and I thought it would be lovely to put down in words just why all these places, so special to me, are all my home. For after all, home truly is where the heart and the memories are.


Like all hometowns, it has its pros and cons and certainly holds wonderful childhood memories for me. Although I grew up in a couple of different houses in the area, Wigan will always be my first home. It’s the place where I started my education, grew into my excitable teenage self, where I met life long till the end friends and most importantly of all, it’s where my parents are. My favourite people on earth.


Manchester will always hold a dear place in my heart for so many reasons. Attending the University of Manchester for my degree and my PhD was truly the making of me and my career, and I blossomed from the confidence that they provided me. I was lucky enough to live with the best of the best during my time at University, I started Inthefrow from my little Northern Quarter bedroom, I had a wonderful education led by some amazing people and I met the love of my life on a night out in Satans Hollow all in the space of a few years. Manchester is definitely home.


Then came the move to London. I knew towards the end of my time in Manchester that London was to be our next step. It seemed the centre of the fashion and blogging community in the UK and I found myself spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds every month travelling to events and meetings. I knew that for Alex and I, it would be our first home together as a couple. London makes me so happy. I adore every little thing about it, from the diversity and culture to the amazing amount of choices when it comes to socialising and shopping. London is now our home.


Now you may look at the 2 cities above and wonder how they have ended up in the same category. The simple answer: best friends. Home for me isn’t only where you’ve lived, it’s where a part of you lives and for me, 2 big parts of me live in both Nottingham and Chicago. My best friends, my confidantes and my loves have both married and set up home away from my London base but I know there’s always a bed and warm welcome for both Alex and I at the drop of a hat. For that reason, Nottingham and Chicago are home.


I may never have lived in Paris, I may only have been a visitor to the beautiful architecture and culture but I know so many of you will understand exactly what I mean. Sometimes you visit a place for the first, second or even tenth time and as you explore and wander down the streets, something just clicks. It may be a deep spiritual connection or just an instant love for the city but sometimes you leave a part of you behind no matter how short the visit. A part of me feels so familiar with this magical city.

Which cities and places do you consider home and why? I’d love to know if any places have stolen your heart or if there’s anywhere you think you’ll fall in love with in the future.

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