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What’s Next On Your Bucket List?


What's Next On Your Bucket List

Turning Dreams Into Reality
We all have hopes and dreams for the near or distant future and we all certainly want to achieve them sooner rather than later. They may be career based, a touch more personal or they may not be quite finalised yet, but are they on your Bucket List? Some goals may still be a little vague, others are stepping stones to the next and some might even have all the hallmarks of you being the next leader of the free world. But in reality how often do we tick our goals off of our bucket lists? If you’re anything like me, that list may need dusting off or even writing in the first place.

My own life is a series of lists and calendars that seem to be never ending, but throughout my working day (which is actually every day of the week if I’m honest) I defeat those bullet points one task at a time. Sometimes it seems impossible and a time machine would surely be the only way to complete everything on there, but other times that satisfaction of the finger swipe when I can delete something out of my iPhone notes is just joyous. So why don’t we treat our bucket list the same way? After all, those goals and targets are just as important, if not more so than the everyday tasks we set ourselves.

Whether your list is 1 or 101 items long, we need to tell ourselves to get out there and finally set those gears into motion to achieve our long neglected list. Our dreams and aspirations deserve the small formality of being added to a bucket list and maybe then we’ll all be one step closer to that coveted ‘tick’ rather than leaving that list languishing for a little longer.


First things first, do you have a bucket list? If not, then why not? The words bucket list for me used to bring to mind throwing myself out of an airplane, cage diving with sharks and a whole host of things that would never be suited to my lifestyle. They also induced a mild heart attack. Then came the realisation that a bucket list should be filled with the things that I want to achieve in my lifetime. What is an aspiration of mine may not be a dream of yours and that is more than okay. Your list shouldn’t follow a set of rules or regulations laid out by other people’s lists or dreams either. Your list needs to be something that excites and thrills you, for you to want to work towards it.


There was one dream on my list that I ticked off last week, big time. It may be quite obvious if you scroll your eyes to the top of your browser and make a mental note of which site you’re currently on, that my dream was to sit Front Row or Inthefrow. Attending fashion weeks around the world was a goal that I longed for during my college/university days and even before the blog was conceived. No matter what route I was going to take with my career, sitting front row during London Fashion Week while wearing an incredible piece created by the designer themselves, was on the top of my bucket list. This is the year I had the pleasure and honour to wear this beautiful Julien Macdonald dress to the 2017 Fall Ready to Wear show. A true dream turned into a reality thanks to Julien and his gorgeous designs and one I was never really sure I was going to have the thrill of achieving.


Don’t be afraid to change your list, after all it’s no one else’s but yours. Just as we grow and our passions and aims change, so too must our bucket list and the order in which they lie. Our priorities are allowed to change, perhaps parenthood is now the priority over a career goal or maybe that career goal is now the priority over being a home owner. Whatever your goals may be, they are unique to you. As we strive to tick our personal hopes and dreams off the list and turn them into well deserved realities, we leave the space to add more aspirations and goals to work towards. Never be afraid to add or take things away from your list, whatever they may be and never think that something is too small to be an achievement; they are your dreams and no one can belittle them unless you allow them.

Now, what is top of your bucket list. Why don’t you book that trip, order that item you’ve always wanted or find out what you need to do to carry out your primary life goal! Do it now, before you forget, before your life gets in the way and before you’re too old to collect the memories.

Do you have a bucket list? I would love to hear what your lifetime achievements are going to be and also if they’ve changed as you’ve grown? Let me know below!

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