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What I Learned at London Fashion Week for A/W17


London Fashion Week in Summary

LFW Recap
Whilst London Fashion Week now feels like a faint memory in a very busy and exciting February, I felt it deserved its own recap. I feel as though it may have been my favourite week of the four, with a number of incredible shows, cool experiences and a lot of familiar faces around me. And with this week being in my home city, it meant that I could come and go to shows with just a cab journey, rather than a flight and a hotel stop. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you can get changed into anything in your wardrobe rather than your suitcase and you have your whole makeup collection at your disposal, it can make life a touch easier.

So overall, London Fashion Week this season was one of the very best. And it definitely needed to be recapped.  This is what I learned from London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017!



After this season, Daks is officially on my list of labels to keep an eye on for the next season. I had never discovered any of their clothing previous to being invited along to the show to check out the work of the Suqqu makeup artists, but their layering pieces for Autumn Winter blew me away.



I am a huge fan of Julien and his beautiful creations. Every season he is one of the only designers who creates pieces that are almost too special to wear. The embellishments and intricate details in his pieces are extremely beautiful – if you didn’t see my blog post wearing a Julien dress from last season. But this season’s show only encouraged me to glam up as much as possible whenever I get the opportunity.



Quite frankly, I think I need to own everything in the new Versus Versace collection. It was cool, urban and pretty badass to say the least. The cropped fluffy jumpers, boldly branded chokers and oversized structured jackets were true statement pieces for the Autumn. Plus, I was dressed by the brand and attended the show wearing a full grunge and urban Versus look, so I was feeling those badass vibes already.



After a few amazing seasons, Anya Hindmarch is continuing her string of incredible collections with another colourful and textured offering for Autumn. Rich tones, an abundance of warm fabrics and another beautifully performed and orchestrated show. I really hope this year I can get my hands on one of her suede and shearling jackets for the Winter.



…are going to be all the rage apparently. Preen and Mulberry both sported oversized wraps that looked like the models had wrapped themselves in quilted floral shrugs. Not that I’m complaining, I’d much rather keep myself wrapped in warm layers in the Winter, but this literally looks like you haven’t quite left your bed. Have a peek at the full collection here. The rest of the Preen collection was patterned, textured and earth toned with MAC opting for a smudged orange/red lip in a very clown inspired fashion. Interesting for sure.



Floral prints are no longer about the spring. That stereotype seems to have long passed, with a plethora of brands introducing fine floral patterns and huge flower motifs into their collections for A/W17. Mulberry, like Preen, Topshop Unique and Daks, included a smattering of flower prints in their A/W looks, alongside a beautiful selection of plaids, ginghams, rich earthy tones and incredible colourful boots.

Mulberry A/W 17



I must admit I haven’t seen anyone sport the pussy bow of late, and its a style I would love to rock so much more. Its cute, a little bit sassy and sparks that element of sophistication into your outfit. Temperley London showed us how it was done for Autumn, amongst a sea of stunning folk and Balkan inspired dresses and prints. Definitely one of the most beautiful collections of clothing I saw all month. 



The award for the funnest, happiest heels in the industry has to go to Sophia. Her designs add some life into a sometimes static and repetitive sea of shoes, with themes and storys to her collections. I still adore the very first pair of Webster heels I ever bought – those Watermelons shoes I will never get rid of, ever. But her collections are always full of statement heels that are bound to become every woman’s favourite. This season was about the Ice Queens, with cool tones, iced embellishments, crystals and statements such as ‘Melt Me’ emblazoned across clutches.

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Those were the 8 things I learned from LFW! Amongst a number of other shows that I was lucky enough to watch, it just further cemented my adoration for a number of brands and ignited a love for a few others.

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