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What To Expect for the Future Of This Blog


What You Can Expect

For the Future of Inthefrow
For years blogging wasn’t in my future and definitely wasn’t part of my career path. In my mind I was always going to be part of the marketing department at a successful high end retailer and both my degree and PhD in Mobile Apps and Consumer Behaviour were geared towards that. My blog was never a part of where I saw myself and certainly even when I did discover this love, I never ever thought that 4 years of hard work and wonderful opportunities would lead here. I consider myself extremely lucky and very grateful.

Inthefrow started as a place solely for me to share some beauty and fashion loves and was a small creative outlet for me around my studies; something to enjoy and curate away from an already hectic schedule. Then came YouTube and all of the social channels I use such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and suddenly here we are: A self confessed workaholic juggling perhaps a few too many goals and aspirations who would love an 8th day in the week for the sole purpose of sleep.

As my platforms across the internet have grown, I have thought more and more about how I use them and  am intent on ensuring everything I do makes not only myself proud but will hopefully make others (including Mama Frow) proud. This leads me to some thoughts that have been ticking over about how I envision my corner of the blogosphere as it grows and the responsibility I have gained from my now career as time moves forward.

To anyone that has ever taken a second to read/view my content, chosen to follow my journey on a social page or even just tapped that little like button on an image of mine and chosen to interact with something I have posted or created, here are my promises to you.

To me, Inthefrow represents POSITIVITY and I love to keep my blog a place were people can visit and know that there will be just that waiting for them. We all need it in our lives at one time or another and I pride myself on the fact you can type my website into your browser and find something that will hopefully make you smile or offer some beauty/style inspo. I am not a blogger who will ever slate brands and spread negativity on here, that’s just not me even in my personal life. I may use beauty products and they may not work for my skin type, I may not particularly be pulled to a certain fashion brand over another and I may not enjoy a particular event as much as the previous but I will never use my blog to express distaste for a brand/company as a whole just because one item or event didn’t work for me. Fashion, lifestyle and beauty are so personal, that what doesn’t work for one may well be perfect for another: I would never want to stop someone’s self expression. I will of course always give you my truthful opinion on any product I use but much prefer to fill my blog with my favourite things that I can wholeheartedly recommend to you and that you may love to own yourself.

To me, Inthefrow offers a place of SELF CONFIDENCE where I can write down my inner most thoughts and advice in the hope that my musings may help someone else to love themselves, just as I am learning to do. 4 years ago I was not the same person as sits behind this computer screen right now. I was filled with anxiety about where this hobby was starting to take me, I was a student struggling to get by earning a part time wage and just like everyone else I had self doubt in aspects of my life I now don’t. I believe in myself and know damn well I can achieve what I set my mind to. I am learning to love my mind and body just as I should do and if even one of my posts in this little corner of the internet can help boost just one individual.. then I am doing something right. I don’t proclaim to know everything there is about looking after yourself mentally and physically but having belief in what I do is a pretty good start.

To me, Inthefow is a platform where I get the chance to talk about GOOD CAUSES that are close to my heart. It’s only right that I should use my channels to team up with and talk about charities and initiatives that I feel strongly about. Recently, very proudly I may add, I became a hair ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, a complete dream come true. Along with this came the amazing opportunity to partner with The Prince’s Trust on their #allworthit campaign and I couldn’t be more honored to have had the chance to tell my story and empower others. The BHF is another charity I support from donating clothes to their stores, being sponsored to give up chocolate last year (if you know me you will know I love hot chocolate!) and opening a pop up shop with them raising thousands of pounds in the process. From these incredible charities to talking about mental health, bullying, smears and everything in-between I am so grateful for my platform and the ability to share so much with so many.

For me, Inthefrow is an arena for CREATIVE GROWTH, especially for myself. 4 years ago I didn’t know where this blog would take me but along the way I have learned so much and where possible I try to pass on what I have learned. After all that is part of how I grew. I never knew what shutter speed I should have been using in outdoor settings, what angles were my most flattering on fashion shoots and I definitely didn’t know enough about SEO. Now I devise posts about how to take better Fashion Photos, how I Evolve My Own Posts from conception to hitting publish and my personal tips on Growing Your Following in the right way. I thrived on posts such as these from bloggers that inspired me and the feeling that I may be able to do the same for someone else now, feels happily like coming full circle.

How do you see your blog/platform in this ever growing world of social media? I would love to hear if you have an end goal for your space or something great that you aspire to be a part of as it evolves. Let me know below!

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