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15 of the Best Luxury Liquid Lipsticks


The Best Luxury Liquid Lipsticks

From 15 of your Favourite Brands
Okay, this has been a long long time coming and I can’t wait to share this with you. After I reviewed ten of the best lip balms last year, a new category of lip product was calling for the spotlight and I figured it needed to be my absolute favourite. Liquid lipsticks are pretty much my one and only right now. I don’t know if you remember when I used to wear satin sheen lipsticks constantly… well now I am not seen without a matte, nude lip to finish my makeup looks. And seeing as the rest of the world, or the majority, are pretty obsessed with this makeup trend too, I thought I needed to round up my favourites and a number of the best on the market.

There are 15 Liquid Lipsticks here, from the very matte to the cream sheen and wonderful velvety finishes, which are probably my absolute faves. I am so upset that since taking these photographs, I also discovered the new Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lips on my trip to Chicago and I am truly obsessed with it.

I would love to review it fully, but it’s about time I posted this, so just know that the Bare Minerals liquid lip in Slay is already a favourite, with a creamy, velvety finish and my perfect lilac toned mauve beige shade.

However, have a peek below for swatches, reviews and prices of another 15 of the best Liquid Lipsticks on the beauty market right now and I hope you fall just as deeply in love with the trend as I.

Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lip

Luckily for you, the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks are not quite as rare as they once were. I think the suppliers finally got the memo about the demand being ridiculously high and finally ordered enough stock to keep everyone happy. So you can now get your hands on the Kylie Lip Kits wherever you are in the world. In the UK, I paid a customs charge on the package of around £20 for a £120 order, but it depends how much you want to try these out! Plus they offer free shipping now for parcels over £50 – so at least you will save shipping even if you do pay customs.

But for the lipsticks themselves, they are totally matte and therefore a little dry. Probably the most drying liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried, yet, the colour range slightly makes up for this flaw. There are so many shades in this range now, and alongside the lip liner you get inside the lip kit, you can really create the Kylie Jenner lip look that you desire. I think if you want to wear these, you need to be armed with your lip balm for touch ups.

Favourite Shade: Koko K


Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet

The Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet’s I recently reviewed in a full blog post – where I swatched each and every shade! There is no nude lipstick shade as such in this range, if you’re like me and love your beige nudes. But the shade 507, with its more muted, mauve meets pink tones is a new favourite. It’s one of those shades that you can wear every day, regardless of what you’re doing and where you’re going. In the pictures I am wearing 505, which has a touch more coral pink.

The finish of the Lip Magnet’s is what makes them so special though. I have never felt a more weightless yet pigmented lipstick. This feel like your natural lips, with a light-weight bare lips sensation. After applying and leaving to dry, you cannot tell you’re wearing anything on your lips. It is soft, comfortable and barely there, but the pigmentation certainly remains. One coat is sheer whilst two coats builds up your colour with a really great longevity. These bad boys stay on your lips all day! Plus the heart shaped applicator make these one of the easiest lipsticks to apply on the go.

Favourite Shade: 505 or 507


Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

As soon as the Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet arrived on my desk, it went straight into my makeup purse. And I mean immediately. It was love at first sight, from the frosted packaging to the absolutely beautiful shade of muted rose nude pink inside the tube. The consistency is a velvet matte cream, so it doesn’t make the lips looks dry or flaky, rather it smooths over the lips with a soft coat of velvet product. This shade in Fawn Rose could not be more me, and I think I have worn it nearly every day since I got it. It’s one of those products and colours to throw in your makeup purse for when you need a quick matte lip change throughout the day. After maybe half a day, I’ll need a touch of balm to rehydrate my lips but it definitely doesn’t dry out my lips as quickly as some. The more velvet texture helps to keep the lips a little softer, smoother and more hydrated for a little longer.

Favourite Shade: Fawn Rose


Fawn Rose
L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Max

The L’Oreal Ombre Matte Lipsticks aren’t technically liquid lipsticks, but they are matte texture and they are certainly an alternative for me when it comes to which matte lipstick to apply. I feel that a lot of people would far prefer this sort of application to the regular doe foot, liquid, somewhat messy application of every other product, especially as this is a sponge applicator. The sponge is coated in powder like product and applies a smooth and soft pigment onto the lips for a mattified finish. It’s a unique concept and an easy product to try if you prefer the matte lip look.

Favourite Shade: 001 Silencio


001 Silencio
Jouer Lip Creme

sThe Jouer Long-Wear Lip Creme (in Dulce De Leche) is a product I recently rediscovered after placing them in a drawer for far too long. It was then that I realised I had missing out on one of the best in the liquid lip game. These are actually some of the most fantastic lipsticks and formulas I have ever tried – and you seriously need to take a peek at just how incredible the shades are in this range. Let me just say… rose gold metallic.

In terms of consistency and formula, this is again one of the best. It dries quite quickly to a really matte and pigmented finish yet with a comfortable feeling on the lips – although I must admit that after a few hours you will need some balm. What else is new?! If you’re after that really matte liquid lip finish, this is truly it, but with a wonderful assortment of matte and metallic shades, plus a much smaller, travel sized tube.

Favourite Shade: Dulce de Leche and Papaye


Dulce de Leche
Dior Fluid Stick

The Dior Addict Fluid Sticks are one of the shiniest in this bunch. With a creamy yet natural gloss finish, these truly enhance the high points of the lips with a natural shine. They seem to sink into the lips almost, to leave the lips looking shiny and semi-wet, yet without any sticky or uncomfortable feeling.

And whilst the packaging really doesn’t cause any direct effect on the product inside, it sure does make me happy. These are probably the most beautifully packaged of the 15 liquid lipsticks on the page, with the familiar Dior silver tops and a semi-transparent material to house the colour of your choice – which is perfect for when you have more than one and want to find your favourite!

Favourite Shade: Avante Garde


499 Avant Garde
Tom Ford Patent Lip Color

Okay, so I realise that Tom Ford packaging is always one of it’s selling points, but this is another gorgeous liquid lip packaging; this time in a bullet shape with a sponge applicator tip. The product is pumped up to the sponge from the bottom of the bullet, and the product applied to the lips as a lipstick rather than a wand. It’s what you’d maybe assume is pretty fool proof, but honestly I must admit it’s a touch more difficult to apply than the norm. I think mainly because you don’t get such a precise edge of the tip to draw the product onto the lips like a doe foot, and therefore you won’t get such perfected edges to your lip line. I’d say just ensure you line your lips first, and you’ll be totally fine.

Yet, the colour is super pigmented with a buildable, patent finish. One layer is a touch more sheer whilst a number of coats will build up the colour to something darker, shinier and more opaque. The Tom Ford Patent Finish lip Colours also come in a number of vampy, rich shades; this one being Exposed in a light plum. This won’t dry matte or give you that dry lip feeling, rather it offers a shinier, plumper and more satin lip finish.

Favourite Shade: Exposed or Red Corset


Clinique Pop Liquid Matte

In these cute, frosted bottles, the Clinique Pop Liquid Matte’s are serious contenders in this group of liquid lips. With fantastic pigmentation and a semi-matte finish, these are bright pops of colours, as the name would suggest. The finish is somewhat creamy and the semi-matte finish means that they don’t dry out your lips like the Sahara Desert. They felt comfortable, easy to apply with the small doe foot appliator and just one coat gives you all the colour you need! These come in 8 shades from nude to plum!

Favourite Shade: Cake Pop


01 Cake Pop
Stila Liquid Lipstick

The Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick’s have probably been in my collection the longest, but I just haven’t used them as much as I should have! They come in nine shades from very nude, through coral to plum and come with a small doe foot applicator for a simple application.

In 05 Belissima, this is the lightest and most nude liquid lipstick that I own, but also works so well as a lighter shade to apply to the centre of the lips to create an ombre gradient. The other shade shown is Carina, in a bright coral that works magic in the summer months.

These have a soft yet opaque finish with a more powdery feel to the lips than the others. They’re definitely on the drier side of the spectrum, so I’d recommend adding some balm to your lips 15 minutes before. But the finish is super matte if that’s your thing!

Favourite Shade: Carina or Belissima


05 Belissima
Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Yep, I won about 10 of these bad boys. When it comes to liquid lipsticks, I feel as though these are one of the most famous and popular in the beauty world. Until Kylie Cosmetics, ABH was stealing the liquid lipstick show, hence the influx of liquid lipsticks from all of our favourite beauty brands for the last year.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks come in a huge range of colours from super nudes to super darks, all with a matte, highly pigmented finish. One coat is all you will need. And all you will want in honesty, as two coats often will lead to too much product and super dry lips. Again, use a lip pencil to line your lips before you fill, but I’d recommend this for any lip product anyway.

Honestly, I think the fact I have bought 10 of the different shades of this product just shows how much this is probably my absolute favourite of the very matte liquid lipsticks.

Favourite Shade: Crush, Pure Hollywood and Milkshake


Pure Hollywood
Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro

The Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro’s are so unique in this collection. The finish is almost like a soft velvet with the most comfortable, smooth and silky soft feeling. Almost like coating your lips in a smooth coat of cashmere. There is something semi-transparent about the finish, with a more metallic meets satin colour payoff – I really hope that makes some sort of sense. Have a peek in the picture below at how the light is just bouncing off of the different particles for a somewhat natural yet velvety sheen.

There is a big range of shades, again nothing really nude, but 508 is perfect for a lighter, pink toned finish.

Favourite Shade: 508


YSL Vinyl Lip Creme

The YSL Vinyl Lip Creams are one of the newest liquid lips to the arena. In this black packaging with the handy colour window for easy picking in your lipstick collection, this is sleek and chic for your makeup purse.

The product applies with a soft and smooth feeling, almost like it contains a touch of silicone to make it super duper smoothing. Just like the Lip Maestro and Burberry Lip velvet too. There is a touch of shine to the satin cream finish, so it catches the light and doesn’t appear at all dry. Alike to the velvet lips I’ve mentioned, this is wonderfully creamy with a pigmented colour payoff.

Favourite Shade: 407


Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquid

Illamasqua lipsticks are seriously some of my favourites, especially when it comes to mattes. But the new Matte Lip Liquids pack even more of a punch.

Two coats of this formula creates a perfect opaque finish. The effect is matte, highly pigmented lips with an almost paint feeling to the formula. With a thin brush applicator to apply the liquid, the thickness and formulation definitely reminds me of a paint – in the best possible way. And as such, the finish is opaque, almost matte and not too drying. This is not the most intensly drying liquid lips I’ve tried, but you may need balm after an hour or so.

Favourite Shade: Forbidden or Exoskeleton


Chanel Rouge Allure Ink

I must admit that I was actually really excited to see this latest lip launch from Chanel. With my own obsession with liquid lipsticks, it was only right that Chanel had a product that fitted the bill. The new Chanel Rouge Allure Ink’s are a frosted, tiny bottle of liquid lip colour. The range reveals eight shades from nude to deep red with Amoureux in the light beige being my absolute dream.

The finish is comfortable with a subtle velvety sheen and a natural shine. The formula doesn’t dry down too matte on the lips and therefore you won’t suffer from flaking – rather your lips feel comfortable, soft and smooth. This is a really easy and classic way to wear a liquid lip for anyone of any age, without feeling as though your lips look too matte and dry.

Favourite Shade: 140 Amoureux


140 Amoureux
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

I’m finishing with a goody here. The Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick is now available in the UK, but luckily I picked it up last year in the U.S as I was desperate to try this out. I had seen so many people wearing Bow n Arrow, in the stone nude brown and lusted after those stone toned lips for too long. I think this is definitely a favourite for me, not only for this wonderful shade, but the packaging and the true matte finish. Again, keep your balm handy as this one is even more dry than Anastasia Beverly Hills, but in honesty the finish and colour of this keep my coming back for more.

This shade is that perfet 90’s nude lip I feel, with a really enhancing and plumping effect to the lips. It dries quickly on application to a very matte feel, yet remains comfortable to wear. I honestly feel this shade especially is a must have in any nude lip collector’s collection!

Plus, the price of this is fantastic! £10 cheaper than the majority of rival liquid lipsticks! Winner.

Favourite Shade: Bow n Arrow


Bow n Arrow

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